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Ubisoft’s latest tactical first-person shooter Rainbow Six Extraction just launched and players cannot get enough of it. Depending on your platform, the game can cost from $45 to $60. However, there is a way in which you can get the game for free. That is why this guide will show you how to download and play Rainbow Six Extraction for free.

One way of getting the game for a reduced price is to subscribe to Ubisoft Plus for about $18. However, you can potentially get it for even cheaper. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at how you can download and play Rainbow Six Extraction for free. In case you run into at crash issues, we have already covered several working fixes.

Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Download and Play for Free

After getting delayed multiple times, the game was finally released. It is a spinoff of the popular live service game Rainbow Six Siege. Extraction features an alien threat that players will have to team up and take down. The game supports up to three-player teams and features familiar weapons and operators from Siege.

If you have an Xbox PC Game Pass subscription, you can get the game for free. As soon as it was released, it came out on the Game Pass as well which is a massive win for the subscription’s users. If you are wondering how you can download the game, don’t worry we got you covered.

How to Play Rainbow Six Extraction Using Game Pass

How to Download and Play Rainbow Six Extraction for Free

The process is pretty simple. To get the game on Game Pass, you must:

  1. Make sure you are subscribed to the PC Games Pass
  2. Open your Xbox app on Windows, and click on Game Pass, located at the top-left of the launcher
  3. Click on the banner on top
  4. If you don’t see the banner, update your Xbox app
  5. Once you click on the banner, you will be redirected to this link:
  6. Sign in with your Microsoft Account. Make sure to use the account that you have used to subscribe to Game Pass
  7. Once you do that, you will be asked to log in to your Ubisoft account
  8. You will then be asked to launch Ubisoft Connect. In case, you don’t have it downloaded, then select the ‘Download Ubisoft Connect’ option instead
  9. If you manage to do everything correctly, then the R6 Extraction download should start as soon as you open Ubisoft Connect
  10. If it doesn’t, just go to your ‘Games’ tab and start the download from there

That is how you can download and play the game for free. If you have any questions, kindly leave them in the comments below and we will answer. Rainbow Six Extraction is out now on all supported platforms so make sure that you check out the game.

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  1. I did every step however the game appears in my installed list on Ubisoft connect but I can’t play the game or even open the game up. What do I do about that?

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