Dread Hunger Roles Tier List (September 2022)

Dread Hunger is a recently released indie survival game with an asymmetrical multiplayer system. In it, you get to be part of a crew of 8 people making their way through the arctic sea while you can either be or face against two traitors within your crew, and yes if your mind thought of that one particular game yes it is exactly that but big and with survival elements.

The playable characters in Dread Hunger are separated into 8 different roles with their own unique starting items and skill set. For a new player, it can be hard to figure out which character to actually go for which is why we have compiled this list of the best roles in Dread Hunger. This list will be divided into four tiers from S-C.


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The best and most convenient roles in Dread Hunger, these are the ones that offer the most utility to your crew while also capable of survivability whether offensively or defensively:

CaptainThe highest in the chain of command also lands the highest spot in this list due to his strong skillset. The Captain is responsible for getting you across the sea because he can move the ship faster and also has a very strong starting in the form of his sword.
Doctor In terms of pure utility the Doctor is one of the best roles to play in Dread Hunger. He starts with a fast medical syringe as well as a strong meat cleaver.


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While not the best of the best these roles are still solid picks in any situation in Dread Hunger:

Royal MarineThe only role in the game that starts with a firearm, the Royal Marine is a great class that gives you a very good edge especially early in the game but falls off late into the match.
NavigatorOne of the more underrated classes in the game, the Navigator offers good utility especially due to his scope and high visibility in fog.


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Relatively decent picks in Dread Hunger that are good in certain situations and can still provide some sort of support:

ChaplainOne of the better roles for Scavenging, the chaplain is a great role to pick if your goal is to find trinkets and to craft good materials.
Cook A decent role that starts with a cleaver and a stew that can keep someone warm and well-fed. The Cook doesn’t offer much else in the way of support.


Dread hunger 3

The bottom of the metaphorical barrel, only pick these characters as a last resort in the game, at least for now:

EngineerWhile he’s good at scavenging and finding materials due to his handy barrel, the fact that any other role can craft an alternative item to stock their materials anyways makes the Engineer kind of a mediocre role.
HunterDecent character to play as a traitor, can set traps and capture enemies. The hunter doesn’t offer much otherwise.

And these are all the characters in Dread Hunger ranked and listed. We hope you found this guide helpful, for more guides on the most recent games, check out our Guides Section!

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