Dying Light 2: Get Left Finger Gun (Secret Weapon Blueprint)

If you’re looking to get your hands on the devastating Left Finger Gun in Dying Light 2 then you’ll need to get ready for some tough work. With a range of weapons and most of them needing repairs as well being present in the game, the Left Finger Gun is the one players have been after the most.

Dying Light 2 was released on December 7, 2021 to mostly positive reviews and players are now looking to get more into the co-op mode after getting done with the campaign. Yet, one thing they might’ve missed from the campaign is obtaining the Left Finger Gun which can only be done once the main story has been completed.

Obtain Left Finger Gun in Dying Light 2

Dying Light

From the top of the VNC building, go and spot a building with a large antenna on it. Then proceed to use your paraglider to glide over to that building.

Dying Light 1

Next, take this cable from this electric box walk off the yellow plank that is present across it. Stick to the side of the building and drop down two floors.

After that, you will connect the cable to the electric box and then move to the other side of the room to get the other cable. Drop down two more stories and then connect the second cable in a similar fashion.

Then take the third cable and step on the plank outside. Jump from the plank and while mid-air use your grappling hook to attach your cable to the relay. Go around to the next corner and then repeat this process again to connect the third cable.

Dying Light 2

Once you attach the third cable, go and deactivate the defense system using the key. The door beside the system will be unlocked! Congratulations, you’ve made your way to the secret developer’s room and you’re almost there to get your Left Finger Gun.

Dying Light 3

After you unlock the door, a monster is going to show up. Kill it and then move into the room where you will come across another room that has the signs “Bar” and “Pub”. Enter the right of this room.

Dying Light 4

Finally, you will come across this room where you will need to be seated on the mattress for a short while. Don’t panic because teddies bears are going to turn up in intervals. Keep sitting there until you see the “techland” poster on the wall transform blue. Then proceed towards it where there will be a notebook saying “Left Finger of Glova”. Grab it and you can craft this weapon for 369 Scraps.

Enjoy your new Left Finger of Glova Gun and shoot enemies away!

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