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Dying Light 2 February 16 Update

Dying Light 2 has just been out a few days and modders have already created mods that can make your life easy. Being a survival horror game many things becomes a nuisance for the player and modders have tried to address these. So let’s discuss what are some of the Best Dying Light 2 Mods.

The mods can range from graphical preferences of players to downright cheats, people can utilize these as they please and tweak them to their liking. These mods do come with a warning as the game is very new and still being updated by developers, they can result in some issues. If a PC trainer is your thing, you can download the Dying Light 2 trainer for cheat codes.

Top 10 Dying Light 2 Mods

The mods are for fun but we recommend the game to be played once without any of these as the developers have intended. These mods can be really useful for players who are not liking the whole survival element of the game and wants to just dominate this wasteland.

Unlimited Weapon Durability

image 73

This durability feature is the most Survival element of this game whereby the player cant even totally rely on the weapon in his hand as nothing can stand the sheer strength of enemies they face. Each weapon has several hits it can connect and losses its power once this durability is down. The player can either repair the weapon, which is limited as well or ditch it completely and look for another.

Sometimes the weapon is just too cool to throw away and sometimes the player is in such a nasty situation that a broken weapon is just not affordable. This is where this mod comes in, it takes away the sad surprise of a broken weapon and lets the player go banana with that weapon in hand.

No Post Processing Effects

image 74
Before Mod

I don’t know about you but I personally get really annoyed by this weird sunlight shiny flarey thing that happens in some games graphically. I get it, its a deliberate artistic choice by the developers and it looks good as well at the start but it gets annoying really fast. Everything has this yellowish tint to it due to this effect and sometimes I want my eyes to relax! This mod Removes Sharpness, Chromatic Aberration, Lens Flare, Anamorphic Lens Flare, Dirty Lens and Barrel Lens Distortion. You can see in the image below what I mean once this mod is active. Its a personal preference don’t hate me for it!

image 75
After Mod

Infinite Stamina

image 76

Running is the name of the game in Dying Light 2. Either you are running from building to building to scavenge or are running from your enemy of choice (Zombies in Night especially). Each action you do requires stamina from jumping and running to swinging your weapons around trying to hit that pesky human blocking your every attack.

Stamina management is an integral part of this adventure but, Don’t tell anyone, it does get annoying when you are climbing a tall building and you lose all your stamina and you fall to your demise! This mod gives you unlimited stamina to jump, run, swing that weapon to your heart’s content. They say this is a mod but I’ll categorize it as a cheat which I would easily recommend if I wasn’t a purest.

Easy Lock Picking

image 77

This GENIUS feature returns from Dying Light 1. Many crates, doors, etc., etc. are locked and in order to get the goodies inside you have to go through this dreaded mini-puzzle. Much easier on the lower difficulties but when it gets hard and those Lock Picks keep breaking finding that right spot where it vibrates gets very disturbing. Considering the sheer number of these locked puzzles are present in the game and the fact that you have to go through it to get the best loot in the game. This mod will makes the lockpicking minigame much easier, harder to break picks and reduce the amount of picks needed to force a lock. For a post apocalyptical world they sure have a lot of locks still.

Increased Survivor Sense

image 78

Scavenging heavy games are using this kind of x-ray vision ping mechanic more and more and they become a chore after some time as we end up pressing the same button over and over again to not miss anything in our vicinity. With each ping, a marker indicates where all pickable or interactive items are but the marker fades away way too early to keep track of the item, and the cycle of pressing the ping button continues and gets annoying. This mod will increase the distance of the survivor sense for everything except enemies, it will also keep them on the screen longer as well as make it a bit faster, as a side bonus you can tag from even further using the binoculars.

Real Time

image 80

The whole daytime in Dying Light 2 lasts 3 minutes and some seconds till the evil Night descends upon you! The developers made it so whereby the player becomes more efficient in their journey out and about and be more cautious of the Night. But sometimes it’s better to have a more realistic approach and can add to the fun of the game. This mod makes it take 60 seconds in Real World Time to pass a minute. This will allow the player to get much more done during the day or night, if you are into it, without the sudden transition from either. You can still use the “rest until” option to make it your desired time.

AIO – All In One PAK

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

This is the be-all-end-all mod there can be it has everything in it you won’t have to worry about anything in this game ever again. Perfect for people who love to play out their power fantasy, this mod will let you dominate anything and everything this game will throw at you. GOD MODE, Dev Menu, No Fall Damage, Infinite Ammo, Infinite Stamina, Infinite Weapon Durability, No Immunity Drain, Easier Lock Picking, Enhanced Survivor Sense, and Binoculars. Another one of those cheat-type mods.

I Am Legion – Reborn

image 81

A mod made to truly make you experience the intensity of the apocalypse. For all you sadistic people who like to suffer and face a true challenge, this mod will make things super difficult for you. This adds a more savage AI for the humans and zombies, changes to the environment’s weather and time scaling, a more Realistic physics, and tons of features to make your journey more miserable. So grab a friend and venture into this hellish version of an already hellish game. I’ll stay away from this have fun, you crazy people.

Unlimited Arrow

image 83

Unleash your inner Robin hood or Legolas with this mod which gives you unlimited arrows, as the name suggest. As zombies are attracted to sounds this weapon is perfect for this game and running out of arrows will make things harder for you so use this mod to push your worries to the side.

PRVC – Photorealistic Villedor City

image 84
Before Mod
image 85
After Mod

Another graphical mod. If you feel the game blends in a lot of its colors especially when in darker areas then this mod is for you. It tries to carefully craft a color preset which emulates a realistic environment for both daytime and nighttime, as well as interiors. As can be seen in the pictures above it makes things more natural looking considering the low light of the interior environment.

Dying Light 2 is a massive game on its own with an intricately built world and mechanics but if by any chance you feel like you can make things better fire away those PC modding advantages and change this game to your liking. These can truly change up the formula either functionally or graphically. You can read through more of Dying Light 2 tips, tricks and other guides in our Dying Light 2 section.

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