How to Play Elden Ring Online with Mods

Elden Ring Online Mod

So you’ve been playing Elden Ring for a while, maybe you’re even done with the game’s main story now and are looking for changes to shake things up for your next playthrough or are looking for helpful mods to help you beat the game or that one tough boss who keeps ruining your day. Well if any of that is true then you’ve come to the right place.

While installing mods into these games is usually a simple process of copying and pasting around a few things. Elden Ring uses Easy Anti-Cheat, which makes this a little bit more complicated, especially if you intend to play online with mods. This is why we’ve compiled this guide on how to play Elden Ring online with mods.

Playing Elden Ring Online With Mods:

Elden Ring’s (and other Souls games in general) online mode can be very crucial to the experience, The Lands Between can seem like a lonely and intimidating place at times. The dungeons in particular can be much more oppressive, but the online mode of the game adds these small touches that make the player feel a lot more connected. It’s a special system that you don’t see in most games, seeing the player messages that can range from trolling to helpful to just plain hilarious, all adds a lot of enjoyment to the overall experience, at least for someone like me.

It’s a shame then that to play the game with mods, you have to go offline. There is a fix, however, but as a word of note: There is a risk that you can still get BANNED using it, so we advise caution before using this method, and we also recommend AGAINST going into PvP.

Follow the below steps to play Elden Ring online with Mods:

  • Download the file from here.
  • Backup original file, open EasyAntiCheat folder in game folder and rename settings.json to settings.json_backup.
  • To locate the game folder, Open your Steam Library> Right click on Elden Ring > Manage > Browse Local Files.
  • Place downloaded mod where the game’s “.exe” file is and replace the data.
  • Start the game and Log-in from the main menu.

And that’s it, this is how you can play Elden Ring with mods while staying online. For more helpful guides, keep an eye out for more guides from our guides section!

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