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From Software games are a magnet to the speedrunning community. The community is always finding exploits in the games and the developers keep nerfing them to make things hard again, then the community discovers something else and this whole cat and mouse situation ensues. If you are confused with what build guide to go with in Elden Ring, we have a complete ranked tier list for the best builds.

In the meanwhile, before its patched, people are finding an exciting and overpowered combination of items in the game to laugh at the supposed difficult genre of this franchise. Elden Ring is fresh out of the gates and is littered with such items and the community is having a field day. Here we will be discussing one such combination that’s game-breaking.

Best Speedrunning Build for Elden Ring

Recently players of the speedrunning community were relying heavily on Hoarfrost Ash of War to make every enemy and boss encounter trivial but after the 1.03 update, this whole shebang got ruined, and now its back to the lab to come up with a new way to cheese everything the game throws at you.

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A speedrunning streamer freshly discovered an unusual way of getting by so easily that it’s not even funny. For this exploit to work you need two things essentially:

  • Bloody Helice: A great thrusting sword that has the innate bleed ability. Upgrade it to the maximum level that you can.
  • War Cry: This Ash of War gives you a damage increase buff of 5% for a short time. Also it changes the charged heavy attack (R2 or RT) of most weapons.

Looking at the list of items above you will be wondering “THAT’S IT?” and that’s the beauty of it. Let us run you over what we have to do to make this work. With War Cry the biggest change is that where most weapons heavy attacks when held is just another stationary attack, but with this Ash of War activated all these attacks will include a charging animation where the character does a shoulder charge and bash into the enemy and ending with a heavy weapon strike.

The shoulder bash does damage too along with that strike at the end. With the Bloody Helice in hand, this War Cry charged attack becomes a boss deterrent. The shoulder bash and attack will most likely stagger an enemy so they are open to critical strikes. Also the damage it deals while bashing and striking will melt most enemies in front of you.

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War Cry does not apply to thrusting swords so you would have to equip it with another weapon. Equip this War Cry weapon to your Right hand and use the Left Hand for Bloody Helice. While dual-wielding buff yourself with War Cry of righthand weapon then two-hand wield the lefthand Bloody Helice (Triangle + L1 or Y + LB), this will let the Bloody Helice use the War Cry charged attacks. This can very much be a glitch or bug cause the result is crazy.

Use this build while FromSoftware is not aware of the game-breaking capabilities. If you have tried it let us know how it feels? Do you know more speedrun-type builds? Let us know in the comments below. And for more Elden Ring content stay up to date through our Elden Ring section.

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