Elden Ring Stats and Attributes Explained with Best Class Combinations

Elden Ring Stats

Elden Ring has an overwhelming amount of information to absorb for an RPG game. Constantly having to remember quests, locations, equipment, spells, armaments etc. Stats especially giving a hard time to keep up with. Don’t worry though, as we have all the information on how what Stats are and how they work right here.

Understanding Elden Ring Stats will make your life easier in deciding what kind of class you want to build on your character and how to spend runes and points. Since different characters come with different amount of base stats on them, It’s also important to know these stats so that you can choose the best character for yourself with which you can develop your personal playstyle for the entirety of the game.

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Understanding Elden Ring Stats

Elden Ring Stats affect a greater number of things in the game, but the 3 most important components they control of the player are:

  1. HP (Health): The Health of the player. If it goes to zero, you die.
  2. FP (Focus Points): Which is the Mana used for casting spells and other abilities.
  3. Stamina: This let’s you run, jump, dodge, roll and make other stressful actions.

Stats an be manipulated in many different ways with the help of active or passive buffs and effects from items or spells, current Equipment and character Level.

Leveling up is the most straight forward way to increase stats. Runes can be used at the Site of Grace to increase your level, but be careful which one’s you choose, because once chosen, it is extremely difficult to change your build later on.

There are 8 Main Stats or Attributes in Elden Ring. These Main Stats also affect many other secondary stats, all essential to making your character stronger and last longer. These directly affect your HP (Health Points), FP (Focus Points), Stamina and Equipment Load (Carrying capacity).

Main Attributes (Stats):

  1. Vigor
  2. Mind
  3. Endurance
  4. Strength
  5. Dexterity
  6. Intelligence
  7. Faith
  8. Arcane

All these Stats serve different uses and have largely separate effects onto the character class and it’s interactions in the world.

1. Vigor (VIG)

Elden Ring Vigor Attribute

Vigor is directly tied with your HP (Health), and also passive components as well which help with resisting damage of Fire types and Poison types, since it affects Immunity which is a ‘Defensive Stat‘ that shows resistance to poison. If you want to stay alive longer, of course you will have to focus more points into Vigor and get items that boost your Vigor to make you more resilient to these two Elemental type attacks.

Character Classes that benefit from these Attributes are:

  • Hero
  • Vagabond
  • Samurai

2. Mind (MND)

Elden Ring Mind Attribute

Mind is an attribute that affects your FP (Focus Points) and affects the Focus Stat, another Defensive Stat which gives resistance to attacks or effects that disrupt the mind. Status effects like Sleep and Madness are less of danger if you have leveled up Mind. Character Classes that benefit the most from this Stat are Prophet and Astrologer.

  • Samurai
  • Astrologer
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3. Endurance (END)

Elden Ring Endurance Attribute

Endurance Stat affects your Physical Defense, Equipment Load, Robustness and Stamina. More points in Endurance will allow higher mobility, higher number of attacks, evasive maneuvers and amount of armaments or items you can carry. Make sure to level it up if you are finding your character slow, clunky or want more accessibility with items.

Character Classes that benefit from these Attributes are:

  • Samurai

4. Strength (STR)

Elden Ring Strength Attribute

Strength attribute unlocks Heavy Armaments that you can equip and also boosts Strength based armaments. Meaning if the armament you have scales with higher strength, it will do more damage. It also affects your Physical Defense, similar to Endurance.

Character Classes that benefit from these Attributes are:

  • Samurai
  • Vagabond
  • Prophet
  • Strength

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5. Dexterity (DEX)

Elden Ring Dexterity Attribute

Dexterity is required to wield Advanced Armaments, similar to Heavy Armaments. Increasing Dexterity will also proportionally increase the outgoing damage of dexterity scaling armaments. It can reduce cast time of spells for faster and higher number of spells in battle and also reduces the fall damage from high altitudes. Unbeknownst to many, it also makes it harder to make you fall of your horse.

Classes that benefit greatly from Dexterity are:

  • Bandit
  • Warrior
  • Vagabond
  • Samurai
  • Astrologer

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6. Intelligence (INT)

Elden Ring Intelligence Attribute

The Intelligence attribute is required to perform Glintstone Sorceries, a kind of magic spell that scales certain Sorceries. Increasing Intelligence also improves Magic Resistance which is a type of Defensive Stat. Mages benefit the most from this attribute and if you want to incant powerful spells instead of Physical attacks then investing in Intelligence will be crucial to get the most out of your magical attacks, while negating incoming magical attacks as well.

Character Classes that benefit from these Attributes are:

  • Astrologer

7. Faith (FAI)

Elden Ring Faith Attribute

Faith Attribute is necessary to perform Sacred Incantations, a type of spell which can heal, produce fire and other effects. If you are playing a class that makes use of spells, be sure to invest in Faith as it also boosts the magic power of Faith-scaling Incantations. It may seems unimportant in the start but Faith helps with healing and other support abilities much more in the later stages of the game.

Classes that can make massive use of this attribute are:

  • Prophet
  • Confessor
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8. Arcane (ARC)

Elden Ring Arcane Attribute

Arcane is similar to the Dark Souls stat called Luck and has mostly the same mechanisms in Elden Ring. It helps in increasing your Discovery stat which in return helps you find more items and more easily. Arcane also provides resistance to Death, a type of curse that kills you instantly over a period of time or from certain repeated actions.

Arcane is definitely worth leveling up a bit just to find those rare items and helps against Insta-Death. Also, keep in mind that some items are also scalable with Arcane and certain sorcery and incantation will also be affected by this attribute. Just be sure to note the NPC dialogue and description of the items to determine this in the game.

Classes that benefit or already start with Arcane are:

  • Bandit
  • Prophet
  • Hero

Elden Ring has a complicated Stat system that synergizes with Armaments and all kinds of Incantations and Sorcery. Combining the most effective components efficiently with the right Character Class is the key to having success in exploring the vast spaces of of this long awaited magical world.

It will be worth while to try different strategies with different characters to keep things fresh and exciting. Maxing out one trick will get boring quick, and probably won’t work against certain situations, so be sure to diversify as much as you can by using the information we provided above.

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