Elden Ring Stormfoot Catacombs Guide (Update 1.04+)

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Elden Ring’s open-world hosts so many nooks and crannies that are just entrances to whole other levels in it themselves. There are mini-dungeons and catacombs littered throughout the world to explore. One of the earliest of these in Elden Ring is Stormfoot Catacombs. And if you are facing any issues in your game visit this article.

This catacomb though feels like a beginner-friendly one, has some nasty surprises for the uninitiated, as are most things in From Software games. So rather than being startled by what’s in this location, it’s best that you have done your homework, and here it is so read up.

Update: This guide has been updated to include the new balance changes from Elden Ring Patch 1.04. You can see through the new updates below.

Where Are The Stormfoot Catacombs?

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The Stormfoot Catacombs are is located in the Limgrave Region and are an optional mini-dungeon. This Catacomb has a few treasures that are beneficial for the player early on in the game and a mini-boss to takedown. Let’s continue on to how you should approach

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What To Do In Stormfoot Catacombs?

Stormfoot Fork

Once you move past the Site of Grace and the friendly NPC at the entrance there will be a fork in the road. On the left side, the empty chair roam will have a few Fanged Imps enemies that are hiding in the corner, so use your camera to locate them and trigger them to come to you. If these Imp surprise attack you they will deal bleed damage and quick slashes so either look for an opening to strike or just go on the offensive and get it over. These imps are all over this dungeon so this is a warning for future encounters too. Get the Tarnished Blossom from the room and move to the right and down the stairs.

Down the stairs will have a locked room, that is the boss room and a way further down. The stairs down will lead to a multi-story room that has many Imps firing projectiles at your from the above, so deal with them if you have any ranged ability or weapon or make a run for the hallway straight from this room. There will be crafting material in this room so be sure to collect them.

Stormfoot Multi storey

As soon as you get out of this small hallway be sure to put your shield up or dodge as there will be more imps hanging on the wall ready to ambush you. On the other hand will be a pathway that has fire trap basting to stop you. Wait for the fire to stop and make your dash towards the trap and there will be an opening before it to save yourself in. If you want there will be an item, Prattling Pate Hello , behind this firetrap, also if you smack the firetrap it goes down and stops attacking.

Stormfoot Fire Tunnel
First Fire Trap

From the path on the right, there will be another hallway that has yet another fire trap. Time your dash accordingly and move to another haven on the right side. And just like before there are items where the trap is so make your way towards it when it’s safe, though this time around there is many imps in the room so be careful, you can use the fire trap to get rid of these imps if you lure them in it. The room will have, Ghost Glovewort and 3 Smouldering Butterflies. After killing them off and collecting the items and smacking the fire trap move to the ladder in the hallway and climb up.

image 465
Second Fire Trap

After climbing you’ll be on the topmost level of the previous multi-story room. This room will have more imps hidden in the corner so tread carefully. Straight ahead in the room with 2 imps will be Grave Glovewort 1 and most importantly Wandering Noble Ashes, summoning spirit item that can help you mid-fight, once you have the item to summon them.

Stormfoot Imp
Topmost floor

From the topmost room, you can jump down to the middle-level balcony, seen in the picture below. Here you will face off 2 imps hidden in some darkness. Also, in the middle of the balcony, there will be a lever that you should interact with, this will open the aforementioned locked boss room, so drop down and move straight ahead to access the arena. Then, visit the Site of Grace to heal and level up before the boss.

Stormfoot Drop Down
Middle Floor
Stormfoot Lever

Erdtree Burial Watchdog – Boss (Stormfoot Catacombs)

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Oh, this ugly dog is a very weird one! At first, you will be baffled by its looks and the way it moves around. Be aware of its movements as he moves slowly from the looks of it but soon will start to float and make its way towards you very quickly. Be careful of the thrust attacks and any time it raises his sword. His attack animations are slow so time you attack accordingly.

Each time he slams his sword on the side gets out of its radius as he will launch a swipe attack. When its face begins to move sporadically it will spew out a fire attack, move out of the range of the fire and use any ranged attacks that you might have.

When it stands on its hind legs, he will do a vertical sword slam so dodging to the sides is advised. The most horrific attack he has is when he starts to float towards you and slam his sword in the ground triggering a shockwave, he can do this multiple times in succession so be aware of this.

After you have taken him down you will receive a spirit summon, Noble Sorcerer Ashes. Teleporting you to the start of the dungeon to make a safe exit.

Did this guide help you out in clearing the dungeon? How is the game treating you? Comment below and let us know.

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