Far Cry 6 Bugs, Known Issues and Workarounds

Fary Cry 6 Bugs and Workarounds

Ubisoft has just released an official list of all the current bugs and known issues being faced by players in Far Cry 6. Thankfully, they’ve also put out a list of workarounds and how players can play the game even with these issues remaining intact.

All of these bugs will be fixed in the next round of updates according to the developers. As of yet, there still seems to be some issues that do not have a workaround or fix. However, we’ll be updating this post if a new community fix or solution comes to light.

Far Cry 6 Bugs, Glitches and Workarounds

Here are all the known issues, bugs, glitches and their workarounds currently faced by players in Far Cry 6:


• The game can become unresponsive during the “The Deported” mission when playing in a co-op session on Stadia.

  • Workaround: Leave the current co-op session. You should be able to re-join the same co-op session and continue the mission.

• Under rare circumstances after crashing a plane into the ground during a co-op session, the player crashing in the plane will fall through the world until restarting the game.

  • Workaround: Restart the game client completely.

• The game can become unresponsive after extended playtime (3-4+ hours) in co-op sessions.

  • Workaround: Restart the game client completely.

• High latency and bad connection between the host and joining player in co-op can cause severe desynchronization between the clients, e.g., Delay when interacting with objects, enemy damage taken, rubberbanding.

• Exiting a post-campaign co-op session can cause the game to freeze for 60 seconds.

  • Workaround: Players can wait out the freeze or restart their game client completely.

• When trying to accept an in-game invitation to a co-op session from a player that previously hosted a co-op session, the UI might be unresponsive on Stadia.

  • Workaround: The invitation can still be accepted via the option menu.

• Players on Stadia can encounter the Trapper-D1534951 error when trying to join a co-op session.

  • Workaround: Restart the game client completely.

• The game might disconnect from a co-op session when trying to join a co-op session while being in a co-op session on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

  • Workaround: Restart the game client completely.

• If a player disconnects while starting a Special Operation during co-op, the “Play together” button might turn grey and become unresponsive.

  • Workaround: Restart the game client completely.

• Searching and failing to find a co-op partner while using the Live Photo Mode might make it impossible to leave Photo Mode.

  • Workaround: Restart the game client completely.

• NPC Models may become visually corrupted during a co-op session after several hours of play from the clients’ perspective.


• When attacking Miguelina during the “Sincerely Lorenzo: The Obsession” mission, she might become unresponsive and make it impossible to continue the quest.

  • Workaround: Killing Migeulina will cause the mission to fail and restart.

• Killing all enemy ground troops without being detected during the “Break the Chains” mission can cause the mission progress to halt.

  • Workaround: Leaving the mission objective area will cause the mission to fail and restart, alternatively load a previous checkpoint. Make sure you are detected when re-trying the mission.

• Equipping Soft-Target Rounds into the FAL Rifle before the Workbench tutorial during the “Juan of a Kind” mission can cause the mission progress to halt.

  • Workaround: Restart the game client completely.

• Loading a save game file that was created while holding the Auto Turret gadget in the deploy animation can cause the character to become stuck in a looped animation.

  • Workaround: Equipping the Repair Tool via the Weapon Wheel menu will break the animation loop.

• The missions “Triada Blessings” and “Boom or Bust” might not complete if a player has an unrelated Animal Companion active and completed any Animal Companion missions in a co-op session.

  • Workaround: Equip the appropriate Animal Companion before starting the mission or do not equip any Animal Companion before starting the mission.

• The mission progress for “All the blood” might not continue when looting “Colonel’s lockbox” before eliminating the Colonel.

  • Workaround: Use the “Withdraw from Operation” in-game menu option to exit the mission and try again.

• Destroying all airplanes in the area before starting the mission “Fly Ball” will cause no further planes to be spawned, making mission progress impossible.

  • Workaround: Reload the last save.

• The NPC Raiza can become stuck when leaving on a horse during the “Du or Die” mission.

  • Workaround: Reload the last save.

• Activating Photo Mode might cause controllers to continue to vibrate under certain circumstances, e.g., while driving a tank, sliding or firing a mounted gun.

• When not updating the game on launch, e.g., by using the disc and not downloading any patches, it becomes impossible to obtain the Wingsuit if the Hideout Network facility level 1 is built and the game is patched afterwards.


• The game can crash when putting the console in standby mode during a co-op session when using an endgame save file.

  • Workaround: Don’t put your console on standby during end-game co-op sessions and don’t leave your console on standby for more than 10 minutes if you did enter standby mode during a co-op session.

Source: Ubisoft

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36 responses

  1. leone black Avatar
    leone black

    my friend can,t collect key in balance the books. Is it his game?

  2. The wingsuit seems to be bugged too… is there any solution for this? This should unlock after purchasing the hideout network.

  3. Tim Tyrrell Avatar
    Tim Tyrrell

    After equipping a mask, the mask does not appear on his head but it says I have the mask on in the arsenal menu.

    1. Ubisubject17 Avatar

      You may have toggled it off in the mask section.

  4. I was doing Triada mission and fell through the ground and floated a bit until I popped up at the same rooftop from the very start of the game, all the way on the other side of the map.

  5. Beat the game but never got the One Ping Only rifle after beating The Lions Den. Any way to get it now?

  6. Secure the find tank training- every time I beat it it loads and makes me start over !

    1. Secure the FND TANK training ground back seat driver Avatar
      Secure the FND TANK training ground back seat driver


    2. Same issue!!!! Did u ever find a way to complete it?

  7. Zirax Silver Avatar
    Zirax Silver

    The missions “Triada Blessings” i had done it un co-op but it got bugged when i did solo (not completing since i had Oluso) to fix this i pet all amigo away waited the CD and spawned Oluso from behind the shrine, he fell from the roof then went into the down phase and i was able to complete the mission. Hope this help some people.

  8. In “Balance the Books”, I’ve collected the key but when I get to the restaurant it says “key required”. How do I work around this??


    Mission- Alvaro’s Stash
    Glitch – MONGOOSE WILL NOT DIE!!!!!
    health will not go down no matter what I use. Even hit full pelt with EXTERMINADOR. NOTHING, NADA, NO CAN DO. Did reloading save work? No. Turn game on and off? No. Restart PS4? NO!!
    I JUST WANT IT TO DIE!!!!!!!!!

    1. Same problem here
      Was going to try a reinstall but never did
      If you do and it fixes it please let me know

      1. I’m having the same problem been trying to kill the mongoose for hours and nothing works even bombs and rockets.
        Very frustrating, please let me know when you get this fixed.

  10. The quest “Pecking Orders” is available in my journal but the map marker doesn’t show up and the quest giver is not where he should be. The chicken is there shredding boxes but I am unable to start the mission

  11. Is anyone having problems doing insurgency missions not showing up?

  12. Game completely messed up after “Harpoon” mission. None of the journal quests will mark locations on the map, none of the quest targets are where they’re supposed to be, and my Amigos menu is completely gone. I’ve restarted the PS5, restarted the game, uninstalled and reinstalled, started a new game in a different slot, completed a couple of checkpoint missions. Nothing.

  13. I can’t talk to the npcs that mark locations on the map. They are usually found in the hideouts or checkpoints. I am using a PS4 and can’t find any info to help

  14. Stephanie Rennie Avatar
    Stephanie Rennie

    1. Can’t talk to any NPCs that mark points of interest even though they have the exclamation point.
    2. The One Ping rifle did not unlock after completing The Lions Den mission.
    3. Anti-aircraft locations not marked in the new insurgency missions. If I had to talk to an NPC I wouldn’t be able to complete the insurgency (refer back to issue 1)

  15. 1- unable to kill mangoose, nothing works so far.
    2- last autosave was on “aguda cliffs”, when ever i go outside game restarts.

    1. Haris Nadeem Avatar
      Haris Nadeem

      Let’s discuss these issues tomorrow! 😛

  16. Cannot extinguish fire when I get out of burning vehicle. Parachute unresponsive.

  17. Kaytlyn Avatar

    Issues while driving cars to waypoints and graphics on landscapes aren’t loading. The game halts for a few seconds and sometimes vehicles will flip and spin when the game resumes. Halt lasts for about 10 or so seconds before it decides to let you continue.

    1. Munitia Avatar

      Same here. OMG this is SOOOO annoying! Makes the game almost unplayable!

  18. The Yaran story “Undercover Stud” freezes with the characters being escorted stopping.

  19. Machete regularly unusable on Xbox One controller even after restart if level, or system. Have to resort to head shot to complete levels.

    Can’t destroy rocket launchers on building rooftops with helicopter gunship despite multiple hits with rockets and machine guns.

    Grapple action sometimes ends up in glitch where you can’t go up or down and end up half buried in rocks or steelwork.

    Upgrades to weapons is extremely confusing and ultimately unnecessary from early levels. Why bother. Same for vehicles.

    Talking to people often takes 2 or 3 attempts before they respond.

    Just a few annoyances … but completed the game last night.

  20. I have no quest markers appearing at all, can’t complete clear the air or any other mission because of this. And have no Companions now? Not even the menu for it? Help!!

  21. imissmy360 Avatar

    So l see they still haven’t fixed the Medical Extraction Issue even though the programmers have known about this since November, l still cant interact with the answer phone just keeps letting you read the stupid note next to it.
    FFS any one else figured a way off getting round this as l have done everything else on the game!!!!

  22. Every time I try to fly or drive anywhere in less then 1min of flying I freeze for about 15sec. Then it’s like the game catches up and it is even worse when playing multiplayer it’s very irritating. Happens when flying driving or even wing suiting. This game is so broken I hope they get around to fixing everything.

    Also when you have any scope or red dot sights when aiming down the radical is gone and it takes a few snap in and outs to see the radical again they really need to fix that.

    Also when that happens if your aiming down your optics if there is no site picture and you fire rounds at the enemy your gun doesn’t shoot anywhere your trying to aim unless your hip fire even if you are 2 feet from the target.

    Also there are small occasions where your parachute does not open. And you just fall to your death. Leave it to Ubisoft to keep messing up there games. This game can be so much better if all those bugs were patched. But FARCRY 5 had the same issues and they didn’t even bother fixing that game. So idk maybe they just don’t care anymore.

    1. Lmao right. I have same issues with vehicles and sights. I’m never buying Ubisoft junk again. Companies don’t care

  23. THE69INCH_Abyss Avatar

    I cannot collect quest from quest bearing npc and I have completed only 38% messed up did all side missions before story completed whole map but need to find a few check points cuz they need cleared

  24. Having problems with parachute and detaching from grappling hook while swinging. It’s not my B button as it works anywhere else. This game is way too buggy and by far the worst game I’ve tried to play. The bugs make it unplayable in spots and frustrating as I paid alot of money for a headache.

    1. stonecold Avatar

      and ubisoft dosent fix it.. little bit a annouing.

  25. Chad Taylor Avatar
    Chad Taylor

    I’m having the same issue as Stephane Rennie on Nov 24, 2021.
    1. Can’t talk to any NPCs that mark points of interest even though they have the exclamation point.
    2. The One Ping rifle did not unlock after completing The Lions Den mission.
    3. Anti-aircraft locations not marked in the new insurgency missions. If I had to talk to an NPC I wouldn’t be able to complete the insurgency (refer back to issue 1)
    I’m Level 17 Comandante III I’ve completed 49% of Game Progress

  26. A window to a building that had a door that stated “Required Aguda Cliffs Checkpoint Keycard” on it happened to have no bars on it. I went in the window and couldn’t get out.

    Drove a few times in the game which froze and then unfroze with the vehicle rolling over

  27. In the quest “Our Right To Party” it refuses to show the way to the party I want to know how to fix this

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