Farming Simulator 22 Controls | Default PC Keybinds

There are tons of controls in Farming Simulator 22 and it can get quite overwhelming especially for a newer player. While you develop a muscle memory over time, you will mostly forget the controls during the start. Worry not because this guide will show you all the Farming Simulator 22 controls.

The game allows you to change all of the controls but we feel that the default keybinds work pretty well with the game. They are convenient and once you get used to them, you won’t feel the need to change any keybind. With that said, let’s find out the various Farming Simulator 22 controls.

Farming Simulator 22 Keyboard / Mouse Controls

There are mainly two types of keyboard/mouse controls in Farming Simulator 22. One is the General Controls and the other are the Vehicle Controls. Both of them serve their own purpose. If you’ve played a Farming Simulator game previously, you’ll be familiar with these controls since they are the same. However, if you’re a new player, then this guide is perfect for you.

General/On-Foot Controls

Farming Simulator 22 Controls

These controls are used when you are out of a vehicle and moving around the farm completing various tasks. The controls in this category will range from movement controls to interacting with random objects. Once you’re familiar with them, doing day-to-day tasks will be a breeze.

Right Mouse ButtonThrow
Left Mouse ButtonPick Up/Interact
RActivate Object/Pet Animal
EEnter Vehicle
1 + 2Pick a Hand Tool
TABNext Vehicle
Left Shift + TABPrevious Vehicle
CChange Camera
Mouse WheelZoom In/Zoom Out
Left ShiftRun
Left Shift + PBuild Mode
F8Reset Head Tracking

Vehicle Controls

Vehicle Controls

Vehicle controls are the crux of a Farming Simulator game. As you could have guessed, there are tons of controls in the category since the game is quite in-depth when it comes to vehicles. Not only are there hundreds of vehicles, but almost all of them also have their own unique keybind to set them apart. Getting to know these controls is a must if you wish to play Farming Simulator 22.

ASteer Left
DSteer Right
QConnect/Disconnect Tools
GChoose a Connected Tool
C + X + ZVehicle Special Function
9Enable Minimap
ENTERStart/Stop Engine
JRaise Hydraulic Hitch
NLower Hydraulic Hitch
IDeploy Cargo
USelect Dumping Side (Only used in a Dumper)
TAttach/Remove Transport Lines
HAssign a Worker
F1Open Help Menu
VLower/Raise Tool (e.g Mower)
NOpen/Close Lid (e.g Trailer Lid)
FSwap Between 3 Lights Mode
BTurn Tools On/Off
YChange Seeds
Left Shift + YChange Seeds (Reverse)
CTRL + VLower/Raise All Tools
CTRL + YToggle Steering Mode
CTRL + BTurn On/Off All Tools
Left Shift + CTRL + YToggle Steering Mode (Reverse)
3Cruise Control
5Toggle Radio
Left ShiftClutch
Numpad +Shift Gear Up
Numpad –Shift Gear Down
Page UpZoom Camera In
Page DownZoom Camera Out

Those are all the important controls in Farming Simulator 22 that you should be aware of. We know that it can get overwhelming at first but stick with these controls and you’ll get the hang of them in no time. Let us know in the comments below what do you think of these keybinds.

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