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FIFA 23 Know Issues Cover

FIFA 23, a game with bugs or lots of bugs with a game. A question every FIFA fan is asking after spending a boatload of money on the latest addition to the FIFA franchise. FIFA 23’s is filled with lots of problems and lots of them are the same as last year which is shameful, to say the least.

In this guide, we will be covering all of the major issues that players are facing currently in FIFA 23 and how the majority of them haven’t even been noticed by EA and people have started to wonder if the EA’s contract ending with FIFA was better for everyone. Let’s get right into it.

All FIFA 23 Known Issues and Bugs

FIFA 23 is one of the most-awaited titles every year. This year with EA’s last FIFA, FIFA 23, everyone had lots of hopes and expectations from this game because they thought EA would like to go out with a bang but the hopes were shattered as the game got bombarded with bugs and issues.

Below we have an amalgamation of known issues and bugs that people have reported for FIFA 23. Most of them are unsolved but a few have workaround or solutions listed alongside them.

CDM and RCM swap places in 5-1-2-2 formation

Having to manually swap positions every time can be quite annoying.

once you are in a game, the player who plays the CDM position is now playing the RCM position and the player who was playing the RCM position is now playing the cdm position. Both the CDM and RCM players swap positions once the division rivals game has started. Id have to manually swap them back in the kickoff menu screen to fix this EVERY GAME.

This issue is yet to be patched

Completing goals doesn’t unlock nicknames/goal songs/crowd anthems

Griding for something and it still doesn’t unlock can make you rage in more ways than one can imagine.

I’ve completed the objectives to unlock club nickname/goal song/crowd anthem and received the packs. However when I go to set them as active, the sections are locked and I am unable to set any as active

EA has taken notice of the problem and has also rolled out a new set of objectives, completing which will unlock all of the vanity slots promised.

All players at no sharpness in spite of proper trainings

Graphics reset at the start of every game!

Please fix this bug is very annoying, note it only occurs in actual matches, players display proper sharpness before games and in the squad hub, but once entering a match and looking at squad it displays the negative 1 sharpness.

This was also a persistent issue in Beta and that has carried on in the main build. EA is yet to say something about it.

Xbox Controller stops working in rival matches

The controller doesn’t work mid-match! Oh no!

I can play squad battles just fine, but the second I play a rivals match, my xbox controller doesnt’ work – as in, i can’t control my players and/or sometimes the ai just controls my players for me. 

everything is plugged in and working.  my pause button works, and my controller works fine one i get into the pause menus or do anything else related to fifa. 

“Slow Pace” setting is broken

Boring and unrealistic matches against AI.

The gameplay seems to be broken, if you choose slow pace in the settings…

Defenders are not able to defend as they are too slow and do not tackle and it is way too easy to score goals, most games against the AI end with unrealistic results like 6-3, 7-5 etc.

It was not like this in FIFA 22 and apparently I am not the only one with this problem

You can increase the acceleration for AI and User to 52 to better the situation.

FIFA 23 stuck on the loading screen

Can’t even get into a game. That sucks.

tarts FIFA23 runs anticheat then loads fifa 23 icon loading screen and doesn’t load from there have tried 15/16 times to get it to starting but no luck. Whether I uninstall the game and re download it or run it as admin it still fails to start up!

If your system doesn’t meet the minimum requirements then the game won’t start. EA has responded to a couple of players saying that there will be no update regarding this so you can request a refund.

If you really want to play the game, you can play on a cloud gaming service such as Stadia.

Controller settings automatically revert to default

Change your controls in preferences/settings. Start a kick off game – controls will go back to default. Try to change your controls in a match, they’ll go back to default. In almost every scenario, modified controls will revert to default unless changed EVERY time before a match and even then they sometime revert.

Getting a loss for opponent quitting in Co-Op

Just when you think you had it, EA had other plans.

I’m getting the loss while my friend is getting the win when the opponent quits while we’re up and winning. It’s happened 3 times todays. This needs to be fixed. It’s prevented me from being promoted to new divisions twice.

Fifa 23 Pro Clubs Keeper Rush/Auto Positioning Glitch

Move when I tell you to, not when you want to.

Once you go to hold LB to auto position, your keeper will just start sprinting to the top of your 18 yard box instead of returning to the positioning circle. Your keeper should return to the positioning circle, not sprint out towards the edge of the box when holding LB.

Items selling for a lower price on PC

Not getting the worth of your precious item can hit you like a truck.

48 pt

It’s been 7 days since the web app launched and PC price ranges haven’t been fixed yet. We’re playing against PS5 and XBOX players who can sell and buy their players but we’re stuck in a market without being able to sell and buy most of the players, where almost every HERO’s price range max. is 65k (while selling for 400k+ on console) and some players have a min price range so high they won’t even sell.

This is an in-progress page and we will keep adding new bugs and solutions as soon as we find them so be sure to come back later for more spicy content on the bug-filled FIFA 23.

How to Report a Bug in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 has a lively forum for reporting bugs where the developers will answer your questions if the solution is found already. Even if the developer doesn’t reply, there will always be people who found a workaround to the same problem and can help you in the comments.

To report an issue, EA has a simple form that you can fill out to report a bug. It will have all the basic information about the bug.

Thank you for checking out the guide, if you want to read more about FIFA 23, you can check out how you can fix stuttering and low fps issues.

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