How to Find Farid Rueda’s Bear And Lion Murals in Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 carries on the tradition of paying respects to different cultures as it pays tribute to the Mexican Culture as different Murals are designed in modern Mexican art across the maps of the game. Two of these Murals exist in real life and were done by a Mexican artist by the name Farid Rueda. In this guide, we will help you locate these murals and enjoy the amazing art from across the world.

Forza Horizon 5 has been a whirlpool of amazing content and hidden surprises. From free cars to hidden XP boards there is a lot to do in the game. But sometimes when you are tired of the grind and want to unwind, why not follow this guide and go look at some of the most beautiful pieces of art in video game history?

Forza Horizon 5: Farid Rueda’s Bear And Lion Murals

The world of Forza Horizon 5 is filled with works of art from across the world. However, amongst all of these pieces of art, our favorite would be by the Mexican artist Farid Rueda and to find them just follow this guide.

  • To find the Bear and Lion Mural, you would first need to make your way to the town of Playa Azul. The town is home of the Goliath and you can find it on the southern part of the map.
  • Find the road closest to the beach and drive down the road to find the Bear Mural.
  • Once you grab the road, you will make your way down to the Playa Azul Circuit Race.
  • Before you join the race, there should be a large multi-story building colored orange and white.
  • If you drive behind the building, you will be able to find the Bear Mural.
  • Now remember the road you took to get here, go back and grab on to it again.
  • Make your way back a few blocks from the building with the Bear Mural.
  • On your way, you will notice a green building on the ride hand side of the road.
  • Look around the building and you will be able to find the second Mural, The Lion.

Now although we looked out for these murals sincerely out of fascination, they also help you get two accolades in the game. So just follow this guide and finding them should be pretty easy.

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