How to Find Stone of Jordan Ring in Diablo 2: Resurrected

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Possibly one of the most sought-after rings in the game, The Stone of Jordan has been famed to possibly be amongst the most valuable items in the game. So much so that before high runes were a thing, the SoJs were used as a currency in Diablo 2. And the hype is justified as the ring provides a +1 to All Skills and Increase Maximum Mana by 25% making it a very good late-game item, even when you can quite easily get your hands on one during the mid-game.

The Stone of Jordan rings had a wide variety of uses, from being used as a way to increase the counter for spawning an Uber Diablo by selling it to the merchant, to being used as the widely acknowledged currency allowing for P2P trade, the ring has made its name amongst the Diablo community and we are here to tell you of the best way of finding one.

The Best Way To Find Stone Of Jordan (SOJ)

The Catacombs Entrance

The best way to farm for an SoJ is actually by killing the Act 1 boss Andariel located at level 4 of The Catacombs. You can reach the location quite easily with a sorcerer class due to their access to teleport.


Andariel is the very first boss monster you encounter at the end of Act 1 and is considered rather easy to take on as compared to her later counterparts. And to get your hands on the Stone of Jordan, all you would need to do is fight her over and over again at nightmare difficulty.

Now you must be wondering, why Nightmare when you have a stacked character capable of farming her at hell quite easily but in the case of SoJ sticking to nightmare would be the best-case scenario as the NM Andariel has a considerably smaller drop pool as compared to the hell variant, increasing your chance of getting what you seek.

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The NM Andariel has a one in 3813 chance of dropping the SoJ ring, however, you can increase it significantly by cranking up your Magic Find. As with an optimal 300% magic find, you can lower the chances down to 1 in 1617 chances.

We have prepared a list of items that you can use to help crank that magic find up and have a better chance at finding the revered ring.

Grand Charm – Gheed’s Fortune

Gheeds fortune 2

the Grand Charm Gheed’s Fortune has a chance to roll 20% to 40% increased Magic Find.

Blade Of Ali Baba

blade of alibaba

The Blade of Ali Baba is amongst the best equipment for farming rarities as it increases the percentage of Magic Find based on your character levels. Throw on a few Ist runes onto it and you can get a 100%+ boost to your Magic Find.

Chance Guards

chance guards 1

The Chance Guard Gloves add an additional 35% Magic Find.

War Traveller’s Battle Boots

war travellers battle boots 2

And finally, the War Traveller’s Battle Boots come along with a high defense rating and an additional increase to your Magic Find.

Now that you are all geared up and ready to take on the adventure, nothing more is left to do other than to just keep on slaying Andariel until you get your hands on the prized Stone of Jordan Ring.

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