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five nights at freddys security breach update 1.05

FNAF: Security Breach has had a rough start when it comes to the initial release of the game. Riddled with bugs and other issues, the game still has a few game-breaking errors like the infamous Fatal Shader Crashes and your save games often being corrupted. You can find a compiled list of bugs, issues and workarounds for the Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach here.

With that said, we’ve taken these issues to our own accord and therefore have compiled a few issues and their fixes that might just help you out. We’ve suffered some of these issues ourselves when playing the game such as the Shader Crash error when doing the Sun and Moon puzzle.

All Known Issues and Fixes for FNAF: Security Breach Bugs

We’ve compiled a list of most of the known issues alongside most of their fixes in FNAF: Security Breach. If you don’t see an issue of yours listed, let us know! We’ll add it right here.

Fatal Shader Crashes

Issue: Fatal Shader Crash errors in places like the Daycare

Fix: Download this file. Now, unzip the program and open it. Once there, wait for the game to load into the main menu, open the program and click Select Process. Now, click on fnaf9.exe. Lastly, click on Inject DLL.

Now, you should be seeing messages on the top left of your screen. Press the tilde (~) icon on your keyboard and type viewmode unlit to turn Shaders off. This will fix fatal shader crashing errors but will make the game look horrible. You can turn the shaders back on to viewmode lit to get the game looking back to normal.

Can’t Enter / Exit Freddy

Issue: Calling Freddy does not open his belly and neither does restarting the game help

Fix: Instead of starting the game off click with Continue instead of Load Game. You’ll find two saves, Save File 0, and Auto Save. You’ll then need to select your old save file and Freddy should work fine!


Issue: Players are reporting tons of FPS issues with the game remaining nigh-unplayable at particular times.

Fix: Type -dx12 in the Launch Options section of FNAF: Security Breach. If you don’t have ray tracing off, you’ll also need to type in -noraytraycing. If you have a stronger CPU, adding -high might also help.

No 29th Achievement

Issue: You are able to get 28 out of 29 achievements while the last does not pop up.

Fix: None whatsoever.

Can’t Finish DJ Music Man Boss Fight

Issue: Some players are unable to finish the DJ Music Man Music Boss Fight as they aren’t able to press the last switch.

Fix: You’ll have to play the previous save which might be very far. Try not to die on the first attempt. Otherwise, this is a common occurrence.

Were these fixes helpful for you? Do you have any other issues that were annoying? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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