Fortnite Gyro Controls and Flick Stick Guide 

With the update v19.30, Epic introduced two new mechanics to Fortnite – the Gyro controls and the Flick Stick. These are new control schemes that will assist the player in enhancing their gameplay experience. Not only that, but it also adds more customization options for the players to choose the style they like.

Since this is a new mechanic, it is natural that players are not aware of this. However, worry not because this guide will show you everything you need to know about the Gyro Controls and the Flick Stick. With that said, let’s dive right in.

How To Use Gyro Controls In Fortnite?

Epic Games has constantly innovated when it comes to accessibility options. This is a good thing as it allows a broader range of players to play the game. They have introduced two new control schemes that are game-changers in this genre. While you might not like them, we suggest that you try them out to see if they suit your style or not.

Gyro Controls

Fortnite Gyro Controls and Flick Stick Guide

The first new mechanic is the Gyro Controls. This essentially makes your controller aim for you. Instead of moving your right stick, you can move your whole controller around, and your character will look in that direction. In my opinion, players who have a certain kind of disability will make the best use of this feature.

Plus, your right thumb will be free, and you can use it to press the buttons while your fingers are on the right triggers. It will allow you to build efficiently and effectively. While many players will feel that their aim is not as good in this control scheme, we think it is primarily to help improve the building.

There are multiple options for the Gyro Controls. If you keep it at default, the controls will only enable when you are aiming down sight or editing a building. You can still use the right stick to aim if you prefer that. The ideal way to use these controls is to use the right stick to make drastic movements and the Gyro Controls to track moving targets or line up your shot.

Flick Stick

The Flick Stick is an essential tool at your disposal. You can use this while the Gyro Controls are active. While usually rotating the stick will allow you to look in that direction smoothly, you can flick the stick in the opposite direction to instantly look behind. This is an excellent way of responding to players shooting you from the back. Having this option turned on will give you fast and direct control over your aim.

However, you must only use this setting with the gyro controls enabled since there is no way to look up and down with the Flick Stick.

That is everything you need to know about the Gyro Controls and the Flick Stick. It can be challenging to adjust to these new settings at first, but keep practicing, and you’ll get the hang of them. Let us know in the comments below if you are a fan of these settings or not.

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