All Fortnite Klombos Locations (March 2022)

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Fortnite introduced a lot of new content such as challenges, tournaments, skins, weapons, and chickens. The latest addition to the game is the Klombos. These are large dinosaurs that give you special items if you give them their favorite food – the Klomberries. That is why this guide will show you the Klombos location in Fortnite.

This latest update not only brought in the Klombos but also the notorious Tilted Towers. On top of that, there are new skins added to the game as well. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at the spawn locations for the Klombos in Fortnite.

Where to Find All Klombos Locations in Fortnite

Fortnite Klombo Map

Klombos spawn at random on the map, so you’re not always guaranteed to find one. Two of the best locations to find a Klombo are northwest of the Daily Bugle or northwest of Tilted Towers. They are large creatures so you shouldn’t have a difficult time spotting one. Keep in mind that you won’t find them in any points of interests since they are too large to fit there.

An easy way to locate them is to grab a vehicle and drive around. Sooner or later, you will come across the giant dinosaur. However, they attract tons of players so make sure to be well-equipped to fight of other people.

Where to find Klomberries to feed a Klombo

Fortnite Klombos Location: Where to Find The Dinosaur in Chapter 3

Unlike the dinosaurs, the Klomberries are easy to find. Search the bushes in the surrounding area and you should come across a few. Once you have the berry, throw it near a Klombo and he will eat it. After finishing it, the creature will sometimes give you an item.

You can also feed them meat from a boar or wolves. However, since Klomberries are their favorite, they won’t give you any special items.

What happens if you try to eliminate a Klombo?

What happens if you try to eliminate a Klombo

Shooting a Klombo isn’t a wise decision. If you shoot it, he will run towards you and try to eliminate you. However, a strategic move would be to shoot at it from afar and aggro it to an enemy player. With that said though, we did not manage to eliminate a Klombo. Either the creature has tons of HP or it is unkillable. We are siding with the latter because there was no HP bar when we shot at it.

Hopefully, this guide allowed you to find the Klombos and feed them Klomberries. Let us know in the comments below if you managed to locate the creature and did you get any special items from it?

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