Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Battle Pass Rewards

Fortnite Season 5 Rewards

Fortnite Season 5 just began earlier today, and its battle pass offers some of the best rewards out of all the seasons. We have a bunch of great skins, outfits and other stuff including a pet to make your collection more epic. You can read through the complete patch notes for more features!

There are six different hunters from six different realities, and they were also shown in the Battle Pass trailer. Now, let’s take a look at all the rewards separately, to see what the new BP has in store for us.

Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass Rewards

Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass

Below you will see all the rewards of this season’s Battle Pass.

Pet – The Child

Pet - The Child | Fortnite Season 15 Rewards

We have got none other than Baby Yoda from the Star Wars series as the pet for this season. He will be with you wherever you go, and he looks super cute as well.

Style – Menace (Heavy Helmet)

Style - Menace | Fortnite Season 15 Rewards

An extra legendary style option for Menace who happens to be the greatest gladiator among all.

Outfit – Menace

Outfit -Menace | Fortnite Season 15 Rewards

A legendary outfit for the Arena’s greatest Champion, Menace.

Emote – Hunter Protocol

Emote - Hunter Protocol | Fortnite Season 5 Rewards

A great Epic level emote which will be a great addition to your stack of emotes.

Outfit – Lexa

Outfit - Lexa | Fortnite Season 5 Rewards

Another outfit, this time an Epic one. Lexa has been a much awaited Anime Skin coming to the game, and it has finally arrived this season.

Emote – Vengeful Wish

Emote - Vengeful Wish | Fortnite Season 5 Rewards

This emote is another one of the the Epic category and looks so cool while doing.

Outfit – Kondor

Outfit - Kondor | Fortnite Season 5 Rewards

Yet another Epic outfit for the players to get in the latest Battle Pass.

Style – Mave (Shieldbreaker)

Style - Mave | Fortnite Season 5 Rewards

Mave is a shape shifting Barbarian Warrior, and the Battle Pass of Season 5 has got a new Epic style in store for Mave.

Outfit – Mave

Outfit - Mave | Fortnite Season 5 Rewards

An Epic outfit for our Barbarian warrior, Mave.

Style – Mancake (Cake with No Name)

Style - Mancake

Mancake is a skin made out of Pancakes, and in this style, he is wearing some cowboy suit.

Outfit – Mancake

Outfit - Mancake

An Epic level Outfit for Mancake which looks epic as well.

Style – Reese (Nebula Racer)

Style - Reese | Fortnite Season 5 Rewards

An Epic Style for the Galactic Ranger, Reese.

Outfit – Reese


Like every character has got a Style along with it’s outfit, the Galactic Ranger Reese is no different.

Glider – Razor Crest

Glider - Razor Crest

Another addition from the Star Wars series, the Glider, named Razor Crest, is a classic.

Outfit – Mandalorian

Outfit - Mandalorian

A classic Mandalorian outfit from the Star Wars Series is also available to get in the new Battle Pass.

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These were all the rewards that you can get in the Season 5 battle Pass of Fortnite. It is one of the best Battle Passes the game has ever got, and you would not want to miss out on this one.

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