Genshin Impact: First Miasmic Contact World Quest Guide

Genshin Impact has been in the minds of its players due to its commitment to providing players with a bunch of new content on a constant stream. Recently miHoyo has added new quests that revolve around the mysterious Miasmic in the Chasm. This guide will teach you how you can get started with this questline.

New quests are a great way of learning the lore of Genshin Impact along with getting yourself some juicy rewards and experience. If you are starting this new Miasmic adventure then follow this article to begin your journey to figuring out what this Miasmic really is.

First Miasmic Contact in Genshin Impact

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If you open your quest screen and check under the Chasm Spelunkers world quest then you will notice the First Miasmic Contact sub-quests. It will ask you to “investigate the mysterious environments beneath the stone and take pictures related to the clack mud”.

image 243

Once you select this quest you will be prompted to visit the location marked on the map above in the Chasm area. You will have to take some pictures of the “Anomaly” plaguing this area. For that, you need to equip the Kamera gadget. Just open your inventory and go to the gadget section and select and equip the Kamera.

image 245

Once you have equipped it and made your way to the location marked you will see a point on your screen that will say “Photo”, stand here and take the picture with the Kamera of the weird purple stuff in front of you.

Taking the picture will trigger two enemies to spawn, an Electro Abyss Mage and a Pyro Abyss Mage. Fight and defeat them to progress the quest at hand. After the fight, you will again be prompted to move forward and a cutscene will begin with a mysterious character just down the path after which the quest will end. You will be rewarded with Primogems and Hero’s Wit for your effort.

Was this guide helpful in completing this Miasmic quest? What other quests do you want help in? Let us know in the comment below.

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