How to Get Free Rubies in Mario Kart Tour (November 2022)

As a free-to-play mobile game, Mario Kart Tour features multiple currencies. Rubies being the most sought-after premium currency is used to unlock the various Characters, Karts, and Gliders of this game.

The quickest technique to get Rubies is to buy them with real money but there are various other ways of getting them for free, which requires a bit of effort but your wallet will surely be grateful.

Getting Free Rubies In Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour Rubies

After a quick playthrough of the game, we’ve identified the best way for you to get rubies in Mario Kart. Here are different ways you can acquire Rubies for free:

Level Up!

The more you play and the higher you rank in each race the more players will be rewarded with EXP points, with enough points players can level up their player level rewarding Rubies with each progression. The more you win and the more you play the quicker the rewards will be.

Login Reward

Mario Kart Tour distributes numerous login rewards with daily login. So, make a habit of logging in each day regardless of playing to get the reward, these small acts of login each day will result in gathering enough Rubies to Fire off those rewarding Pipes.

Completing Challenges

This game gives various challenges for its players to complete constantly, though their rewards may vary like Badges and Grand Stars, they are a good way of accumulating Rubies as well. Challenges require more effort from the player side and reward a decent number of Rubies, so commitment is important in this method. Good luck!

Tour and Season Gifts

Seasonal and time-limited content in this game comes with many free rewards including Free Rubies, completing seasonal challenges, and staying up to date with the game daily will eventually result in you raking in many rewards including Rubies.

Hopefully, this guide will help you in getting more Rubies and for more tips and tricks about Mario Kart Tour, check out our Guides section.

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Wasay Hasan

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