How to Get the Volare Island Soul Token in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is an expansive MMORPG that houses a great number of stuff to do. The seas in this game are full of islands and possibilities to explore and get into new adventures along with some nifty rewards. With nearly a hundred islands to discover, you are sure to miss some here and there while sailing.

Some islands are time-limited and are only accessible at certain points in the game. The Volare Island is one such island that requires specific timing to get to. So here we will be discussing how you can get to this island and how you can get Volare Island Soul Token for yourself.

Getting to Volare Island

volare island location

With so many islands and seas to explore it can get quite frustrating to locate a little island within a massive map. Volare Island is a rare island and it only appears at some particular time signaled through the game’s schedule. You will see an empty space in the sea if the timing is not exact. The recommended item level of this island is 250.

To enter the island you must first check the blue stopwatch on the left side of the screen which opens the events lists. The next Volare Island opening time will be listed here so remember that. Open the calendar on top of the screen to schedule your log-in time with that of the island appearing.

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When the time of the Island is near to its reveal open the map and use the search bar to locate the island. Make your way there before time so you can get the most time to explore this place and have ample time to do its activities.

Volare Island Soul Token

The island can be explored to find three Mokoko seeds and you can earn the Island Soul token of Volare. These souls can be used to redeem rewards at the Goddess’ statue in Opher, the Lonely Island. A bit of luck and time will surely get you this soul.

Here you can complete a co-op quest that requires you to kill 100 crocodiles and 2 deadly poison crocodiles. First and foremost create a party with other players. Kill clown’s enemies and pick up the cannonballs they drop or harpoons that are littered throughout the map. Get to a cannon and enter it by pressing “G” and shoot the crocodiles with the cannon to complete the quest.

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The bigger your score is the better chances for better rewards there are. You will get a number of Secret Chest of Volare for completing the quest and a Volare Island Soul Token if you are lucky. So if you didn’t get it the first time try your luck again by aiming to get the best score.

Were you able to get Volare Island Soul? Was this guide helpful in getting it? Let us know in the comments below. And for more Lost Ark content and news check out our dedicated section.

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