Does Ghostwire: Tokyo Have Online Co-Op / Multiplayer?

Ghostwire Tokyo Denuvo

Tango Gameworks, the masterminds behind the twisted survival horror series The Evil Within are finally coming out with their latest outing “Ghostwire Tokyo”. It has been a long-anticipated game by many people, particularly fans of their Evil Within series as well as other games previously made by the head of the company “Shinji Mikami”.

The game is a supernatural open-world first-person adventure game set in modern-day Tokyo where you play as Akito, a person possessed by a ghost called “KK”, and fight supernatural beings that stem from old Japanese urban legends and folktales like Kuchisake Onna or Hachisakusama to name a few. If you’re excited for it and have been wondering if the game has co-op or not, then worry not as we have your answer right here!

Does Ghostwire Tokyo have Online Co-op?

Unfortunately, the neon-soaked streets of Tokyo require you to face the horrors all alone. Ghostwire Tokyo has no multiplayer features and is only played solo with a single-player campaign where you shoot down powerful beings and deal with mythical cats and Tanukis all by your lonesome. The game has been advertised as a solo single-player experience in all of its marketing and such it remains on release as well.

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Ghostwire Tokyo has appeared to be one of the most aesthetically unique and weird games this year, boasting a strictly Japanese setting and dealing with the themes and experiences that stem from living in a Japanese culture. The game serves as a huge treat for people who are deeply invested in Japanese culture or fantasize about Tokyo’s glittering allure.

We hope this guide helped you out, for more on the latest things about Ghostwire Tokyo. Keep an eye out for our guides section!

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