Ghostwire Tokyo: How to Quickly Remove Afflictions

Ghostwire Tokyo Remove Afflictions

Tango Gameworks, the masterminds behind the twisted survival horror series The Evil Within are finally coming out with their latest outing “Ghostwire Tokyo”. It has been a long-anticipated game by many people, particularly fans of their Evil Within series as well as other games previously made by the head of the company “Shinji Mikami”.

One of the more tedious mechanics in Ghostwire Tokyo is to to keep having to remove tons of afflictions throughout the game. Removing Afflictions from spirts while a simple process early on, can get pretty draining by the time you start to spend a few more hours into the game especially late into the endgame. So lucky for you, there’s actually a method to remove afflictions super fast!

Removing Afflictions:

ghostwire affliction

Removing afflictions from spirits is a relatively simple method that involves you following a set pattern in order to draw a hand sign and then release the energy in order to remove the affliction. Sounds simple right? But did you know there’s actually a much faster way to remove afflictions in Ghostwire Tokyo?

Quick Method for Removing Afflictions:

A faster method for removing afflictions in Ghostwire Tokyo is to memorize the two patterns that you use to dispel afflictions. One of them looks like a Shuriken and the other one looks like an hourglass. Once you do that, make sure you cast the entire hand seal as soon as you see the first pattern emerge and then release to immediately remove them without sitting through the entire animation for it.

And its as simple as that, this is how you can make quick work of the plentiful afflictions present all around the streets and buildings of Tokyo in Ghostwire Tokyo.

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