God Of War PC Known Issues, Bugs, and Workarounds

God of War just came out for PC and players are loving it. The game is well optimized but a few bugs and known issues can be found here and there. However, if you are facing any issues, we will give you some workarounds that you can use. You can find a compiled list of God of War bugs and their fixes on the PC right here.

With that said, we’ve taken these issues to our own accord and therefore have compiled a few issues and their fixes that might just help you out. We’ve suffered some of these issues ourselves when playing the game. Without further ado, let’s dive right in and take a look at the God of War known issues, bugs, and their workarounds.

All Bugs, Known Issues and Fixes for God of War

We’ve compiled a list of most of the known issues alongside most of their fixes in God of War. If you don’t see an issue of yours listed, let us know! We’ll add it right here.

No Fullscreen Option

Players are reporting that the game does not have a fullscreen mode. Instead, only a borderless window option. When you go to the display settings, you will not find a fullscreen option at all. However, what’s interesting is that this issue is only present in the DirectX 11 version of the game. Players using the DirectX 12 version have the full screen option which is quite strange.

File Verification is Slow

After downloading the game, players are saying that it is taking too long to verify all the files. Some players even stated that they are on an SSD and still are facing this issue. We do not know the exact reason for this issue but we can hope that the devs fix it soon.

PC Fans Making Noise

While this isn’t a common issue, players have reported that their PC fans started making a lot of noise when installing the game. However, during the game, everything seems to be normal. It is unclear as to why the game has issues when installing but everything works normally when playing the game.

PS5 Controller Not Displaying Buttons

If you are playing on a PS5 controller – the Dualsense – you might have noticed that the buttons displayed on screen are incorrect. The reason is still unknown to us but this seems to only be happening on the PS5 controller. A user even complained that they were seeing the Xbox button prompts when using a PS5 controller.

There is no Bluetooth driver for Dualsense for PC yet. When the Dualsense controller is connected over Bluetooth it is seen as a generic controller thus showing Xbox glyphs in-game. To get the correct Dualsense button prompts, please connect your controller directly to your PC using a wire.

Mouse Delay When Turning

Players finally have the chance to play God of War on the mouse and keyboard. However, there seems to be an issue where you will face a slight delay when turning Kratos with a mouse. Minimizing the game and launching it back up will most likely fix this issue. However, since the game just launched, this will most certainly be fixed in an update.

Double Inputs When Using Dual Shock 4

Some users seem to have an issue where the game would register your commands twice. Not only that, many users are saying that they can’t play the game with Dual Shock 4.

This issue is due to the way Steam captures game inputs. Please use this workaround:

  1. Open up the Steam Library
  2. Select God of War
  3. Click the Cogwheel on the right and click properties.
  4. On the left menu, click Controller
  5. Change the OVERRIDE option to “Disable Steam Input”

Not Enough Memory

This seems to be the most common issue that players are facing. However, worry not because there is a simple fix. Despite having beeefy hardware, players reported that they got the “Not Enough Memory” issue. To fix it, you must go to the Device Manager and disable internal graphics. For a detailed guide, check out our how to fix “not enough memory” guide.

That about does it for our guide about the God of War known issues, bugs, and workarounds on the PC. If you are facing any other issues, let us know and we will try to assist you. Let us know in the comments below if you are enjoying the game or not.

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  1. You talk about full screen options when ran in directx12 but no explanation on how to run ot I’m twelve or witch platforms are offering it in twelve or 11. Plus if dlss is implemented isn’t the game in 12 already?

  2. I’ve been with an Atreus like a scarecrow when in the mountain base we get to the black smoke and met the Witch the 2nd time…I wish to know if someone else have this bug…

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