Hogwarts Legacy: All Spells And Abilities

hogwarts legacy

The fans of Harry Potter are eagerly waiting for this new addition to the wizarding world since its reveal. The recent PlayStation State Of Play showcased this magical RPG and it’s mind-boggling to look at the length the developers are going to keep this close to the source material all the while giving players the freedom to create their unique character in the universe.

With that in mind, the first question that comes to the tongue is what kind of spells will they have in Hogwarts Legacy, as the franchise has much iconic sorcery to cherry-pick from. So let’s get down to the spells in here. And if you are interested in magic you would surely like this magic build we did in Elden Ring.

Hogwarts Legacy: Spells And Abilities

Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Game Details

This game is featured in the 1800s of the Harry Potter universe and players will find a very different world than they might have read up or watched in the movies. Even I’m not a fan of these books but this game’s visuals have certainly piqued my interest. From graphical finesse to freedom to make your wizard, it has it all apparently.

The game wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t feature a wide variety of spells, charms, jinxes, hexes, and curses from all the different iterations of this world.

Spells and Abilities

The spells and abilities showcased in the Hogwarts Legacy featurette were divided in the following categories:

Defensive Spells

These are used to block and absorb attacks, along with creatively countering them too.

  • Shield Charm: Creates a circular red shield around the player that blocks damage.

Offensive Spells

The Defense Against the Dark Arts will teach you these spells. There are many ways you could annihilate your enemies and these will be your tools of destruction.

  • Accio: Pulls enemies through the air towards you.
  • Descendo: Launch an enemy up in the air then slam them back down to earth.
  • Incendio: Sets an enemy on fire.
  • Petrificus Totalis: Lock enemies in a full body bind, freezing them in place.
  • “Unknown Magic ability”: Transform into energy to zip around the battlefield.


These are some flamboyant moves you can use to take down weak opponents.

  • Summons a lightning strike from above to destroy enemies.
  • Picks enemies up and slams them around before dealing a deadly final blow.

Which spells would you like to add to Hogwarts Legacy? How excited are you about this game? Comment below and let us know. And for more gaming guides and news stay tuned to our website.

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