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Dota 2 Update 7.28 – Mistwoods patch has just been released for the game. The update includes changes to all 119 heroes, new items, and balance changes to previous ones. It also introduces a new ranged hero called ‘Hoodwink’ in the game.

With the lack of an International this year, Dota 2 has not seen the barrage of new players it usually receives when the huge tournament is on-going. So, the developers have put in a lot of time and effort into making new arcanas, refining player models, and introducing new heroes like Hoodwink.

Hoodwink Overview | Skill Build & Abilities

hoodwink skill build and abilities

Hoodwink is going to be a ranged nuker who will focus on trying to disable her enemies while also implementing an escape. Sounds like a lot right? Well, the hero generally has a higher skill curve than most; the closest hero we can currently equate her to is Windranger.

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While the hero has just been released, her skills make it obvious that she is going to be placed in the Offlane or in the Midlane. Generally, she can also be played as a versatile 4 position but this is not recommended considering how greedy the hero seems to be so far.

Ability Guide

hoodwink skill overview

Like most other heroes in Dota 2, Hoodwink has 3 abilities with 1 ultimate. All of these abilities are unique and have wonderful animations that accompany them. Here are our thoughts on each of these abilities, including the ultimate!

Acorn Shot

hoodwink acorn shot aoe skill midlaner

Acorn Shot is going to be the crème de la crème for this particular hero. Her ability deals bonus damage to enemies while also bouncing towards others. This ability will particularly be useful in the jungle where position 2’s usually are after the early-game.


hoodwink bushwack stun

Bushwack is probably the only net in the game that stuns heroes other than Shackleshot, which is an ability Windranger has. This particular ability gives her the prowess to operate more like a disabler and single-target nuker while still having flash-farming capabilities. It also can pull more than 2 heroes at one time!


hoodwink scurry escape

Scurry let’s Hoodwink passively evade physical attacks when near a tree. If this activity is activated, she also gains bonus movement speed, a phase-effect, and tree-walking. Just like Windranger’s Windrun, this also indicates that Hoodwink might be played more in the Midlane than any other position as the extra movement speed is vital for escaping and doing ganks.


hoodwink sharpshooter ultimate

Consider her ultimate as a refined Powershot if you may. She charges up her crossbow and fires a bolt that deals heavy damage, slow, and also applies a break effect (stops casting.) The more she casts this particular spell, the more damage it does. A perfect skill to finish off a particularly pesky foe.

Item Build / Skill Build

hoodwink gameplay

While preliminary, Hoodwink would be best suited for the Midlane and should be played as a Ganker rather than a farming core.

For this, we recommend that you start with your basic mid-game items (favoring wraith bands over regen) and get a Javelin as quickly as possible. After this, you can either move towards a Maelstrom or an MKB if the game is going very well.

For the late-game, since the hero already has evasive capabilities, try going for one defensive item like a BKB and focus on building as much DPS as possible since that where the hero will shine at.

For your Skills, put a value point in your third (for the passive,) max out your 1st as quickly as possible, and then focus on maxing your stun. After Level 9, you can focus on putting some points on your Third skill.

This concludes everything you needed to know about Hoodwink, her skill build, item build, and overall overview! Stay tuned for more guides.

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