How Long is Ghostwire: Tokyo?

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The weird horror and action hybrid adventure Ghostwire: Tokyo is nearing its launch and fans are wondering how long will it take to beat this game. The game’s iconic city is crawling with ghoulish Yokai and that unique stylish style of first-person spell casting has grabbed many eyes.

If Japanese culture and mythology are your cup of tea then you would surely be looking forward to this game. The game does feature an open world of sorts hence the worry of being padded by the fans. So let’s find out what is the duration of Ghostwire: Tokyo. And for more Japanese developed games’ content check our Elden Ring section.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Main Story Duration

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This Action-adventure is getting released on March 22, 2022, and by the looks of things, the city will be a neon-lit hell swarming with Yokai’s and Onis from Japanese culture. The city is beautifully crafted and the time taken to discover it will be substantial.

In an interview with a journalist Ghostwire’s Game Director, Kenji Kimura has stated that the main campaign will be take around 15 Hours to beat. Along with that he also announced that players who likes to complete side quests and go on discovering the greater city will find this game to be 30 to 40 hours long.

All these calculations are subject to change with the player’s sense of curiosity, the sheer number of collectibles and side content, and the skills they possess. As told in the interview this Tokyo will have many accessible buildings and most often than not the building you’re eyeing will be scalable. It’s up to your detective abilities to find the way up.

Which Yokai’s do you want to see in Ghostwire: Tokyo? Are you excited about this game and its unique playstyle? Let us know in the comments below. And for more gaming news and guides stay tuned to BRGeeks.

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