How to Contact Forza Horizon 5 Customer Support


This guide is designed to help you get in touch with Forza Horizon 5 customer support in case you are in need of quick assistance. Forza Horizon 5 has just been released on all supported platforms, and similar to every new release, there are bound to be bugs and issues that may require you to get in touch with support.

In this guide, we will have a look at all possible ways you can get in touch with Forza Horizon 5 console and PC support. When it comes to actually contacting the platform, the process is rather straightforward, however, we have created a comprehensive list of all possible modes to save you some browsing time.

Forza Motor Support

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The easiest way to get in touch with Forza Support on PC is to reach out to their support page. On this page, it is rather easy for you to get answers to your queries as most of the commonly asked questions are already answered and shared for you to make use of. If you have found a bug or issue, you can also file a report on this platform.

Forza Horizon 5 Xbox Support

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The developers, Playground Games have been known to be an Xbox exclusive firm so it is pretty apparent that they would have a dedicated Xbox support to address issues that you may be facing on consoles. Just head over to their support home and get your queries addressed.

Forza Community Forums

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There’s next to nothing that your fellow Forza enthusiasts aren’t able to answer, which makes the community forums the absolute best platform to get your issues addressed or to find fixes for something the developers haven’t released an official fix for.

Forza Horizon 5: Social Media

Forza Horizon 5 has been one of the most accomplished video games to have come out in the past decade, and a lot of that can be accredited to the vigilant customer support provided by their social media teams. Forza Horizon has been extremely active on Facebook and Twitter, letting fans know of all the upcoming updates and answering queries in real-time.

We hope that you found this guide to be useful. Have you been facing troubles with Forza Horizon 5? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. zl FL4M3Z lz Avatar
    zl FL4M3Z lz

    I did the 50 laps of Goliath I stayed up all night and this morning I did the wheel spins and got a lot of money and a lot of cars that I really liked and my game didn’t save and my game crashed and when I got back on everything was gone no money and no cars so I want to ask if I can get my thjngs back plz

    1. Richard Paul Sisney Avatar
      Richard Paul Sisney

      Any luck on getting it back?? Mine literally just did this!

  2. I was trying to buy a truck at auction and it said you don’t have enough credits and I had 750,000. I tried a couple more times then my credits came down to 526,000. I never got a truck and a bid never placed. Sucks

    1. I had this same issue with the sesto elemeto fe I bought 1 for over 7 million and said I didn’t have enough credits and then thought the game was being slow so I bought another one for 7 million and basically took 14 million but no cars?? I’m not sure it its a bug or what

    2. I have the exact same issue I just spent 670,000+ just trying to buy one car so I can complete the collection. But nooooooooooooo all they want is my dolla

    3. Garrett Howarth Avatar
      Garrett Howarth

      Same problem here

    4. same thing happened to me with the ferrari 599xx i tried to buy out at auction for 3 mil and it said “not enough credits” then took my 3 mil,, twice i even tried again, now i have $450,000 out of 7.5 mil

  3. Update tried to buy now on an auction and said I didn’t have enough credits and brought me down to 393,000. Bs

  4. I can’t okay first mission just freezes. Can’t do more than 3 minutes of game at most. I’m on Xbox. I’ve quit games abs restarted console countless times. Very disappointed in game.

  5. I wonder why the base model of an 2018 ss and a scatpack charger isn’t on the game if the 2018 mustang gt is the only base model car in this game ?

  6. Played for two hours after I got off work got a bunch of cars and money and then the game froze and when it came back on everything I had done in that two hours was gone then today I bought the biggest add on for 44.99 and I only got the welcome pack out of all three packs I was supposed to get plus other things so aggravated rn

  7. This has happened twice to me now, I’ll be playing the game for hrs then boom,kicked right to home screen. Load the game and I’ll be missing the last several hrs of game play and EVERYTHING I’ve accomplished, missions, accolades, etc.and I’m getting super tired of having bought premium package and now it just seems like a waste of money if I have to keep replaying the game and re finishing everything that took me hrs to do. I don’t know who to contact but this crap NEEDS TO BE FIXED ADSAP!

  8. Problems with my forza horizon 5 account. Recently I purchased the car pack containing 5 cars and a car voucher that enables me to buy any car from the auto shop. I accidentally used the voucher on a really cheap car that wasn’t supposed to be used on. Please can the voucher be refunded and the car removed or refund me for the car pack bundle so I can re but it and reclaim my voucher.

  9. Ewen Robertson Avatar
    Ewen Robertson

    I bought the dlc expansion pack for 40 bucks on pc, but when I go to claim all of the cars in the welcome packs they do not add to my garage nor can I try to claim them again because according the game they have already been claimed so there is no option to claim them now. I’m not sure how to fix this and get the cars that I paid for.

  10. Luke flowers Avatar
    Luke flowers

    Every time I log on to Forza horizon 5 and get in my car the game will freeze and then crash. I was doing the Goliath race and the 50 laps completed but then when I pressed A to continue it froze then crashed. I thought I would save but when I logged back on nothing saved and everything was gone. How can I fix this can you help me please.

  11. Hello Forza, I have some issues not with no-saving or crashing, but with stories (I mean story lines like El Camino, Vocho or V10), because when I click on the map…I don’t see them not only in map, but also on the roads. I don’t know why, but I don’t see them anywhere. So please, if it’s possible to fix it…please, fix it

  12. CoinDragoon4219 Avatar

    Hello Forza, I have some issue not with no-saving or crashing, but with stories (I mean story lines like El Camino, Vocho or V10), because when I click on the map…I don’t see them. I don’t know why, but I don’t see them anywhere. So please, if it’s possible to fix it, so please…fix it

  13. (sorry for 2 comments, I thought that 1st one didn’t sent)

  14. Forza liver Avatar
    Forza liver

    Please fix the connection issues it makes the game way less enjoyable and I don’t like playing it because of this

  15. Forza man Avatar

    There is a huge issue with connection I hope you fix it all oh my friends are going to uninstall if it’s not fix in a couple weeks

  16. My game has now crashed twice and i have lost over 8 hours of gameplay twice in 2 days I am so pissed I go in and build a bunch of cars after finishing damn near all the races just so it would say saving content then game crashed after the fact re loaded and now all of what i just did is gone again and what floors me is it still says the roads I have traveled on the loading screen and I have to re drive all the roads re buy cars re do all the races spends a 100$ for the game to continually kick me and delete my progress I am so frustrated

  17. Second time this has happened in the last few days… I played for several hours and when I got off the game and got back on later I lost ALL the progress I had made, all the cars/credits I had got… makes me not even wanna play the game right now until this known issue is for sure fixed.

  18. Gary Scott Avatar
    Gary Scott

    even if i park at home leave the xbox to switch off itself then go back on it the next day after playing a different game it dosnt load the last game it loads one from days ago losing hours of progress ,cars , money etc . i darn’t play any other games now it has happened 3 times now !

  19. BigFalla6969 Avatar

    I was playing forza horizon 5 and was trying to bid on a car for 95,000 cr and it said that I didn’t have enough credit even though i had 800,000 cr and I tried to bid a couple more times then I noticed that it had been taking the cr from my account everytime i tried to place and bid and it took all of my credits but never actually let me place a bid if there is anything you could do

  20. Karl Bissonnette Avatar
    Karl Bissonnette

    i sold my bugatti divo but when i collect the credit i recive the wrong amount.its missing around 500k

  21. Joashua mills Avatar
    Joashua mills

    I tried to bid on a car and it accepted my bid and took my credits but I did not win the car but it did not return my credits at 1.7 million

  22. Whenever I enter the desert (top left corner of the map), the game will crash, I hope you can fix this problem as soon as possible

  23. I reached the hall of fame and it never gave me the invitation like what am I supposed to do

  24. IRISHKILLER1974 Avatar

    I recently p[ut a few cars on auction and then i played a round of playground games at the end the game froze and i had to restart and played the same matbh again cause it didnt show up that i played it then it crashed again so then i check on my cars in the auction and it said i had nothing in the auction ,when i went to check my garage the cars i had put in the auction were gone so what the hell the same thing happend just a couple of days ago i baught a ferarri testa rosa in the aution but it never made it to my garage and the arcives show some other cars i have collected that arent there so how we gona fix this that a lot of sang money and time lost

  25. I fucking did a 7 million skill drift and only got 10 fucking skill points what the fuck forza

  26. I have bought a Sesto elemento Forza edition, and used it and a handful of races, now re logging into Forza the car is no longer in my possession and I have not been reimbursed the 1.3 million I spent on the car

  27. Fidencio Aguinaga Avatar
    Fidencio Aguinaga


  28. IshRAL541 Avatar

    This has happened to me I have lost all the very expensive cars like the Jesko and the Elemento and I done the best tune ups and livery designs where I spent hours and hours on the game then switched off the console n gone to bed and only to find the next day all the cars have vanished and the game reloaded from way earlier. My time is money that’s how I see it and somebody needs to compensate my valuable creativity efforts gone to waste. The tune up files and livery design files can still be seen and people are enjoying them but me being the designer and tuner I have no car to develop on and I’ve gotten frustrated as I’m not able to get these cars back for my own use.

    I have since purchased the Forza complete add on’s and bundles where I’ve been given a wide range of cars it still hasn’t given me those I’ve lost.

    The problem is there is no options in the entire game to save your progress before switching off the console. However I have figured out now the only way to save your progress is to go in to Cars and visit the cars section where you just purchase a cheap car and then it will say Saving do not turn off your console once you have made a new car purchase your game will save and you won’t lose any data up to that point. Switch off the console but try restarting the console so it switches off fully and reboots the machine and then log back into your account and access the game. You will find this is the only way to save the game without losing your data.

    I still think everyone should get some sort of in game compensation for their losses as this is clearly a development issue that is robbing many peoples valuable time and effort.

  29. My account is fr banned bec the game glitched on eliminator as always man like fr!!

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