How to Fix Lag in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang | 5 Important Tips

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the oldest MOBAs released for Mobile platforms. Taking inspiration from popular PC titles like SMITE and League of Legends, mechanics like laning, juggling, and hero roles are all present in Mobile Legends. The game’s well-optimized touchpad controls allow for seamless gameplay on your Android and iOS devices. The game has beautiful visuals and well-crafted animations that might take a toll on your system resources. So, here’s how you can get fix lag in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for a smoother experience.

Since MOBAs are predominantly competitive in nature, clarity is all that matters in terms of aesthetics. It can be quite detrimental for your spell-casting and general movement if you cannot distinguish what’s happening in a team-fight due to the clutter present on your screen. Therefore, having optimal graphics settings should help you get a better sense of your champion in the middle of a large brawl allowing you to play more effectively.

How to Get Fix Lag In Mobile Legends

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang generally requires a high-end device. However, after you optimize your settings, you will play the game at a reasonable frame rate. Here are a few settings you should change on your phone:

Solution 1 – Turn On Wi-Fi and Mobile Data

Wifi and Mobile Data

You might be experiencing a lot of lag if your router is unstable. As you keep disconnecting from your Wi-Fi, you might face a lot of packet loss. In those cases, we recommend that you keep your Mobile Data on. If your router connection ends up being extremely unstable, your phone will automatically switch to Data and stay there.

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As a general tip, you should make sure your Wi-Fi router is transmitting at 5 GHz at a channel not being used by other devices near you. You can open your router’s internal gateway settings for confirmation.

Solution 2 – Enable Speed and Network Boost

Speed Mode Network Boost

There are two settings in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that you can take advantage of that help with your overall network stability. You can find them in the Network Settings option of the game. Here they are:

  • Speed Mode: Consumes more data but ensures that your ping / network is much more stable.
  • Network Boost: Automatically switches between WiFi and Data depending on which one is better at that particular time.

Solution 3 – Clearing Cache in Game

clearing cache mobile legends bang bang lag

If you feel like your game is corrupt, is micro-stuttering or has started to lag seemingly out of the blue, then a bad install might be to blame. You might want to clean your in-game cache by following these steps:

  • Head to the Settings tab and tap on Network Test
  • Tap on Cache Clearing to clear your cache.
  • Let the game re-start, you will download some files from the Internet after this and your game should run much better.

Solution 4 – Best Graphics Settings for Lag

settings graphics lag mobile legends bang bang

The developers have given the players a variety of customization options that they can take advantage of to improve their frames. Do note that this takes a massive hint on the overall visual quality of the game but provides users with a much smoother experience. Here are the best graphics settings for Mobile Legends:

  • Outline: Off
  • Camera Height: High (Never set this to low as it decreases your vision of the map!)
  • Skill Vibration: Off
  • HD Mode: Off
  • HFR Mode: Off
  • Shadow: Off
  • Creep HP: Off (Your choice.)
  • Damage Text: Off
  • Colorblind FIlter: Off
  • Optimized FPS: On
  • Merge Damage Text: On
  • Graphics: Smooth

These graphics settings should provide you with the best settings to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang without any sort of lag.

Solution 5 – Turn Off Low-Power Mode

low power mode lag mobile legends bang bang

If you have an iOS device, you might be using Low Power Mode. This feature underclocks your CPU and GPU making them much slower so they consume less battery. We recommend that you turn this setting off before you boot the game up as it can have a significant impact on performance.

Lag in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang can get extremely annoying. Thankfully, after following these tips, you should be able to play the game at a much more reasonable frame rate. If you still are getting particular issues with the game especially when it comes to stutters, let us know in the comments down below!

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