How To Get Lucario In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Guide

All veteran fans know what Pokemon games are all about. Gotta catch them all! And that stands true for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl as well. Although, that might be a little more difficult as some of the Pokemons in BDSP are not catchable in the wild. That seems to be the case with Riolu and Lucario as well, however, we have prepared this guide to help you find them because we never said they are impossible to get.

Pokemon is one of the oldest franchises we can think of. Starting off with Gameboy games, they have come a long way and have found their place in the world of PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well. However, some of the content in the game can be a little complicated to unlock this is why we have prepared this guide to help our fellow gamers find Riolu and Lucario in Pokemon BDSP.

How To Get Riolu and Lucario In Pokemon BDSP

This is going to be a long one so bear with us. In order for you to get Lucario, you would first need to get Riolu and evolve it. As currently there is no way in the game to catch a Riolu or a Lucario, here is what you need to do to get the egg that hatches into a Riolu.

  • To get to the egg, you first need to be in the 6th gym area, that is the Canalave City. You would need to get Surf in order to get here so make sure you have that taken care of.
  • Once you get there, you will notice a sailor infront of a boat. Interact with the sailor and you will be given the option to sail to Iron Island.
  • Select the option to travel and once you get to the Island just head up the stairs and head inside the cave.
  • We would suggest that you start using repels as soon as you make your way into the cave as there are a lot of wild encounters that you can do without.
  • Once inside the cavern, take the right path down.
  • Once taken the path, just navigate your way to the second floor.
  • Once on the second floor, take the left path down.
  • Here you will meet the NPC that will provide you with the quest with the reward of a Riolu egg.
  • After accepting the quest and partnering up with Riley, you would need to beat up some Team Galactic grunts and make your way through the second floor of the cave.
  • After going through the battles, Riley will part ways with you while providing you with an egg.

And there you go, you have received the Pokemon egg that will hatch into a Riolu. Now it is just a matter of running up and down till the egg hatches and you get yourself a Riolu.

How To Evolve A Riolu

To evolve your recently acquired Riolu, you need to fulfill some requirements. The first requirement is that the friendship with that Pokemon must be maxed out and secondly, the Riolu will only evolve during the daytime.

Although you have no control over the time of the day in the game, here’s how you can max out the friendship with your Pokemon.

  • First have it walk outside the Pokeball with you.
  • Secondly, you can visit the Pokemon mansion and get your hands on the Soothe Bell that allows you to increase the friendship of the Pokemon that is holding onto the item.
  • You can also boost the friendship of Pokemon with a few berries like the Pomeg Berry or the Hondew Berry. However, do note that these berries lower the total stats of the Pokemon.
  • You can also feed your Pokemon proteins or carbos to raise their friendship stats.
  • And finally, just take that Pokemon to battles. The more you battle with the Pokemon, the higher will be their friendship stat.

With enough friendship and the right time of the day, your Riolu will level up and evolve into a Lucario.

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