How to Heal in Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3 is another entry in the frantic first-person shooter sub-genre. This game will punish you with seemingly impossible odds throughout the adventure. Either you face the deadly cards you are dealt or you crumble. Here we will be discussing all the ways you can heal in Shadow Warrior 3 to keep that fight up.

The game’s trailers are showcasing all the features that are being added in this sequel, and one such feature is the unique way you heal. So without much wait lets see how to heal in Shadow Warrior 3. In case you missed it, we have already covered a detailed guide on keyboard and controller controls, along with how to fix crashing issues.

How Does Healing Work in Shadow Warrior 3?

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Shadow Warrior 3 has taken the page from Doom Eternal and has gone batshit crazy with its action. With each new information released by the developers, viewers’ eyes are left wide open looking at the activity on screen playing this game.

Shadow Warrior 3 will throw everything at you at once and you must annihilate all and look good while doing it. And one thing that will cramp your style is looking for health all the time like a weakling. And trust me with that many Yokai out to get you, you will be screwing up and getting hit left and right. Luckily, just like Doom Eternal has integrated healing in its gameplay loop, Shadow Warrior has mirrored it so to speak.

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The different ways to heal in Shadow Warrior 3 are:

  • Red Health Items: Dispersed throughout the arena you are fighting in, keep on a lookout for these items to heal.
  • Ranged Attacks: Using ranged attacks to take down enemies from a distance will cause them to drop small healing items.
  • Finishers: Nearing death, enemies will be open for finishers which in turn heals Lo Wang.
  • Upgrades: There are many upgrades that augment your health, some increasing your total health pool while others even giving passive healing over time.

You can go berserk to your heart’s content if you just incorporate all the ways you can heal in your game style.

Are you excited about this game? What aspect of the Shadow Warrior 3 is calling to you the most? Comment below and let us know. And for everything Shadow Warrior 3 and gaming related, check out our Guides section.

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