How to Kick from Clan in Raid: Shadow Legends

Co-op games are all about collaborating and helping each other out. To smooth things out, Raid: Shadow Legends has added the Clan System in the game where people have a place to help each other out and earn themselves some extra XP.

There are going to be a lot of members depending on how busy of a clan you are and there might be a trouble-maker among all the other people. So if want to get rid of such people, you are in the right place because we are going to be looking at how you can kick someone from clan in Raid: Shadow Legends.

Kicking From Clan in Raid: Shadow Legends

Clans are a big part of Raid: Shadow Legends where people will join forces and help each other by providing resources, manpower, or as simple as wisdom. Every clan member is assigned a certain role and with that role, come certain privileges.

Let’s first look at the clan roles in Raid: Shadow Legends.

  • Leader
  • Deputy
  • Soldier

The leader has every privilege the clan has to offer and has all the power to add or remove someone from the clan, change the roles of the members, change clan settings, and much more.

On the other hand, the Deputy is allowed to add or remove people. Invite people to the clan, but they cannot change any settings. The solider have no privilege other than the fact that they can take part in clan activities and can contribute to the clan’s overall progress.

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Now that we understand roles, let’s move towards the real reason we are here and that is to figure out how can we kick someone from the clan. It is evident from the above discussion that if you want to kick someone, you will either have to be a deputy or a leader so if you are either of these things, then we can move to other steps.

To Kick someone from the clan, you can follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to your Clan Settings from the main menu.
  2. From your Clan Settings, do to the members tab.
How to Kick From Clan in Raid: Shadow Legends
Clan Settings
  1. From the members’ list, just click on any member you want to kick.
How to Kick From Clan in Raid: Shadow Legends
Members List
  1. There you will have the option to kick the player.

Other F.A.Qs

There are tons of Clan-related questions that are often confusing to players and below we have given a few of them.

How to fix the cannot join clan error in Raid: Shadow Legends?

Oftentimes, when you try to join some clan, the game will give you an error that “Application Limit Reached” and that just means that the clan currently has too many applicants that are pending for confirmation and as soon as a spot frees up, you will be able to join the clan.

You can also try to join another clan. Some clans will allow anyone to join without confirmation and some will have the option to send an application which will be reviewed by the Deputy or the leader, who will then either allow or restrict you from joining their clan.

How to earn 3 stars in Clan Activity?

The players are awarded clan stars when they take part in Clan Activities. These rewards can be anything from simple clan chest to other XP boosts etc. You will have to follow the steps given below to earn the 3 stars in Clan Activity.

  • 90 Minutes Playtime.
  • Take down the Demon Lord twice.
  • Fight in the Dungeon or in Campaign Battles 20 times (or a mix of both)
  • Fight in the Arena 12 times
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