How To Plant Grapes In Farming Simulator 2022?

Farming Simulator 2022 is amongst the most popular games to have come out in the latter part of this year and players are getting into it from across the globe. The game franchise has been known to provide a very calming experience for casual gamers as well as some of the most competitive ones. Although most of the crops can be found naturally in the maps included in the game, there are a few that require you to put in the extra effort. Grapes are one such crop and this guide will tell you all about how to get them.

If you want your farm to have some really juicy grapes, then this guide is for you. The process of planting and farming grapes is a straightforward one, however, if you want to plant them, there are a few technical aspects you need to consider. But don’t you worry, as this guide will help you through the complete process, so stick around.

Farming Simulator 22: How To Plant Grapes

To get started with the process of planting grapes, first make sure you have an appropriate land space set aside for it. When done with that, just follow this simple step-by-step guide.

  • Do note that you cannot plant grapes with a planter. So to get started, head over to the menu and navigate to the Others option.
  • In the Others option select the construction option.
  • After you get into the constructions menu, head over to production, and then orchards.
  • from that menu, select the grape orchard.
  • Once selected, you will be in the farm editor mode. Now all you need to do is set up the orchard by clicking on the empty land, and dragging it across the screen till the point you want it.
  • Now in the first person mode, the orchard will look something like this.
  • Now what you need to do is wait for the foliage to grow up. This can be done by skipping a few days ingame to hasten the process. Once done, the orchard will look something like:
  • The next part of the process, is to mulch the grapes. For this, you would need a Mulcher.
  • Once you get into the Mulcher, go close to the orchard and lower it. and start Mulching the crop.

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  • Now that you have mulched the crop. It is time to cultivate the grapes. To do that, get into your cultivator.
  • Now similar to the process of mulching, ride up and down the length of your Orchard and start cultivating the grapes.
  • Now get into your orchard sprayed because it is time to fertilize your grapes. The proces is similar to the other two where you just drive up and down the lengths of your orchard. However, you will need to repeat this process once more after waiting a few days for the next growth cycle.

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  • If you have followed the guide properly, you will have some amazing looking grapes on your hands ready to be harvested.

So there you go, that is how to farm grapes in Farming Simulator 22.

Did you find this guide to be helpful? Let us know in the comments section below.

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