How to Remove Enchantments with a Grindstone in Minecraft

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Wondering how to remove enchantments in Minecraft, this article will explain how to do it. Items in Minecraft may contain enchantments out of which some can be helpful while others are useless especially considering your current items.

Enchantments can be removed in a variety of ways which will be discussed in the article below. You can remove all enchantments except for the curse enchantments like the Curse of Vanishing and Curse of Binding.

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Disenchantment in Minecraft

Enchantments strengthen tools, weapons, and armor in Minecraft with special abilities. Players, after finding better items with useful enchantment, want to remove the enchantment on previous items or low-level items they come in contact with, Disenchantment mechanic allows for this to happen and can be achieved via the Grindstone and Crafting Grid.

Disenchantment using a Grindstone

Grindstone does the same as an anvil except it removes all enchantments off of items. This works by putting the item you want to remove the enchantments from in the first slot, in the last slot you will see an unenchanted item once you remove the enchantments they will be converted into XP, this could be useful for getting XP from weapons, tools, books, and armor with low-level enchantments or enchantments you don’t want.

grindstone disenchant
Minecraft Grindstone

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Crafting a Grindstone

Crafting a grindstone to disenchant items require 2 Wooden Planks, 2 Sticks and 1 Stone Slab.

  • Wooden planks  By cutting down a tree wooden logs can be obtained which can be used to make wooden planks on crafting tables.
  • Sticks  Wooden logs can also be used to create sticks on crafting tables  
  • Stone slab  Stone Slabs require a bit of effort to craft. Firstly you will have to make a Furnace by placing Cobblestone in the below-shown order. Then place any fuel in the furnace and some Cobblestone to craft Stone. With enough Stone in hand arrange them accordingly to get the Stone Slab.
Furnace Guide 1
Crafting Furnace – arrangement
Stone Slab guide
Crafting Stone Slab – arrangement

With all the above mentioned items in hand arrange them according to the picture below to get yourself a Grindstone

Grindstone crafting
Crafting Grindstone – arrangement

Any enchanted item can now be disenchanted inside the Grindstone. Do be careful as you wont be able to reverse your disenchantment.

Disenchantment using Crafting Grid

The other way to remove enchantments is the crafting grid, this can be the crafting grid when opening your inventory or using a crafting table. One of the uses of the crafting grid is that you can use it similar to the anvil and grindstone to combine damaged items, the process will combine the durability of both items into one however the side effect is it removes all enchantments except for curse enchantments however this isn’t as helpful as the grindstone as you don’t get a bonus of durability or get XP from removing enchantments.

crafting grid
Crafting Grid

Disenchantment can be beneficial in gaining XP and getting rid of unwanted items but be aware as to not destroy any useful or powerful item you have.

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