How to Unlock Hammer & Sickle in BOCW and Warzone

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone introduced the hammer and sickle as a weapon in Season 6. Fans of melee weapons will certainly love this as it is a good and unique weapon. Check out the Patch Notes for Warzone Update 1.45 and Cold War Update 1.26 to see all the changes brought in the game. While most players prefer staying at a distance and firing at enemies from their guns, there is something extremely pleasing using a melee weapon. Let’s find out how to unlock the hammer & sickle in BOCW and Warzone.

Activision often likes to introduce new awesome melee weapons in their games and the hammer & sickle is no exception to that rule. Let’s slash and smash our way into this guide and see how to unlock hammer & sickle in BOCW and Warzone.

How to Unlock Hammer & Sickle in Cold War and Warzone

How to Unlock Hammer & Sickle in BOCW and Warzone

Players can unlock the Battle Axe at the start of Season 6 but unlocking the Hammer & Sickle can take some time and effort. After the introduction of The Haunting event on October 19th, players had the opportunity to unlock this dual-wielded melee weapon.

There are two main ways in which you can unlock this weapon, let’s take a look at how you can do it right now.

Get Melee Kills and Tomahawk Kills

Melee Kills

The first way in which you can unlock this deadly combo is to complete its challenge. You have to get 15 melee kills followed up with a tomahawk or a throwing knife kill. If you only get melee kills or tomahawk kills, that will not count. What we suggest to make this process easier is to get one melee kill as soon as you can and later in the game use your tomahawk or throwing knife. Just make sure to equip one of those two things in your lethal inventory slot.

Repeat this process in 15 games and you will finally unlock the coveted Hammer & Sickle. This can be quite time-consuming and take a lot of effort but trust us, it’s worth it.

Split Personality Bundle

Split Personality Bundle

You can purchase the Split Personality Bundle in the COD store. This will allow you to level up the battle pass and unlock this weapon with a unique skin as well. Alternatively, you can spend 1800 CP to skip all the tiers and unlock everything immediately. Not only are you getting the Agony & Ecstasy skin for the melee weapon, but you also get the Crusher, Slasher, and many more cosmetic items.

Hopefully, this guide showed you how to unlock the Hammer & Sickle in BOCW and Warzone. It is an extremely fun weapon to use so make sure you unlock it as soon as you can. For more guides, check out our Guides Section.

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