How to Unlock Robot in Rush Royale


Rush Royale is a Tower Defense game and with any game in this genre the units or buildings you put up for your defense needs to be hard-hitting to effectively punish the baddies making their way towards your base, especially those later waves where the heat is turned up.

If you want to unlock one of the best cards in Rush Royale, the Robot, then we are about to delve into how exactly can you unlock it. Just follow along with this article and soon you will have this card in your arsenal.

How to Unlock Robot in Rush Royale

Robot in Rush Royale

The “Technogenic Society” faction hosts a legendary card that is the Robot and is very much sought after by players of Rush Royale. The best thing about Robot is that it attacks the first enemy incoming and with each kill and/or hits it becomes more potent. And to increase its progress counter by 1 this unit needs to be merged with other units. The more you merge the deadlier this becomes.

The Robot has many levels and forms to progress through and it gains new abilities with several merges. The Robot will gain new abilities by merging 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20 times.

The way you unlock the Legendary unit Robot is by taking part in the Royal Trials. In these trials, the player has the ability to unlock the desired card by completing them and can test out this unit as well.

Now you know how to unlock Robot in Rush Royale. Have you unlocked Robot yet? Which unit is your favorite in Rush Royale? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. This article didn’t say how to get the Robot card..

    “to unlock the desired card by completing them”

    Completing the card?

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