How to Unlock the Arena in Horizon Forbidden West

Looking for ways to unlock the Arena in Horizon Forbidden West? You are at the right place. This guide will be covering the complete method to unlock the Arena. While the arena should automatically unlock for you if you keep following all the side quests, there is also a quick way to unlock it ahead of time.

It is recommended that you complete the side quests and stumble on them as a part of the adventure. But if you are stuck with no hopes of finding anything close to an arena then this guide will help you unlock that. All you have to do is to clear a hidden quest and we will be mentioning the exact how-to for you!

Where is the Arena in Horizon Forbidden West (HFW)?

Horizon Forbidden West The Maw of the Arena Location.jpg

Horizon Forbidden West only features a single arena map that can be found in the Maw of the Arna behind the Memorial Grove. This location is not particularly hidden and can be encountered if you follow the main story route. You will find this area during the Kulrut Main Quest.

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How to Unlock the Arena in HFW

In order to unlock the Arena, you will have to do the following steps. Keep in mind that you will still have to open the arena in order to unlock the challenges.

  • Complete The Kulrut Main Quest.
  • Talk to Kalla to recieve the special Quest, Opening the Arena.
  • Complete Opening the Arena to unlock the challenges.

How to Start the Arena Challenges

In order to unlock these challenges, you will have to complete a special side quest that is classified in The Arena section on the Quests menu, although it is not an Arena Challenge. It must be completed to start the Arena Challenges.

The Quest is not that complicated, it simply requires the player to kill a Rollerback and gather a few mechanical parts.

What are your thoughts about these arena challenges? Have you completed them? Let us know in the comments below!

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