How to Unlock the Open World in Dying Light 2

Trying to figure out how long it takes to unlock the open world in Dying Light 2: Stay Human? We’ve got just the information for you! While most open-world games instantly drop you into their worlds, Dying Light 2 takes a more systematic approach and only unlocks your freedom when you’re really ready for it.

While the curiosity of a cat is not something that can be stopped, it is still good to learn to walk before you learn how to hunt. Now, it is only fair that you get to know how long the guidance will last before you can start going on a rampage and for that, we’ve got you covered!

What is Open World in Dying Light 2?

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An “Open World” game is the type of game where you get to explore and approach a virtual world. Dying Light 2: Stay human uses this Open World mechanic to bring itself to life for the players. The world of Dying Light 2 is reportedly 4 times bigger than its predecessor and features an amazing variety of exploration options.

The game is jam-packed with pulse-pounding action sequences and fast-paced traversal mechanics in order to make its world feel as thrilling as possible. Unfortunately, accessing this world requires you to make a certain amount of progression in the story.

When Does The Open World Unlock in Dying Light 2?

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While the Open World of Dying light 2: Stay Human is “technically” available in the entirety of the game, you need to progress to a certain point to be able to freely explore it. This lets you get accustomed to running, jumping, and climbing all over the place while fighting off zombies and other humans.

 It usually takes about 2 hours of gameplay to reach the point where you can roam freely around the area of Villedor. To be precise, you are allowed to roam free as soon as you complete the “Markers of Plague” Mission. Dying Light 2 indicates this through Hakon. He gives you some binoculars and points you in the right direction from where you can continue the story on your own.

It took us 2 hours’ worth of time on average to unlock the open world in normal difficulty, let us know about our performance in the comments below!

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