How to Unlock the Wingsuit in Riders Republic

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Are you impatiently waiting to get your hands on the wingsuit in Riders Republic and soar through the winds like the free spirit you are? We got your back, as this guide will let you know exactly how you can get the most coveted unlockable item in the game.

Riders Republic has been known to incorporate a plethora of modes of transportation such as snowboards, bikes, and with the recent addition of wingsuits, air-sports. The game has been a breath of fresh air for sports enthusiasts and has a lot to offer for casual players as well. And, to help these players out, we have developed a simple step-by-step guide on how to unlock the wingsuit in Riders Republic so stay tuned.

Get Wingsuit in Riders Republic

Riders Republic

Before we get started with how to unlock the wingsuit, we first need to take a look at the requirements that you need to fulfill in order to get your hands on one.

  • To unlock the wingsuit, you need to have 30 stars.
  • You need to have a proper time slot for this as it may take time.
  • To get your hands on star, finish races that you find on the map.
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Now that we have addressed all the requirements and have made sure we have what it takes, it is time to unlock the elusive wingsuit.

Step-by-Step Guide to Unlocking Wingsuit

To get the wingsuit unlocked, all you would need to do is:

  • Complete all the introductory tasks you get allotted at the beginner levels.
  • After you have completed the tasks, go to the pause menu and select the Progression Tracker tab.
  • After your access the Progression Tracker, you will get 30 stars.
  • By using these 30 stars you can get Air Career and Paramotor.
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  • Doing this will unlock the Wingsuit and air races.

And now you can enjoy the ever blue skies as you have gotten your hands on the wingsuit.

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3 responses

  1. I reached level 30 on riders republic on console and under my progress tab it shows I’ve unlocked air races. However on my map there are not any available. I haven’t been able to unlock any wing suits or jet packs, any advice? I’ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling it.

    1. Saad Muzaffar Avatar
      Saad Muzaffar

      Hey! What platform are you playing the game on?

      1. Playing on the Xbox console I still haven’t had any luck with the game and the wing suit or jet pack career path. None of the races have shown up for me and I am now level 50, multi races shows but even when I do those it does not unlock any wing suit.

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