League of Legends 2021 Patch Schedule | Release Dates

league of legends 2021 patch schedule

League of Legends is the most popular MOBA in the entire world. After their expansion to Mobile, Riot Games has still focused on pumping out patches for the PC version of the game. For 2021, the developers have announced that patches are going to be introduced every other week. These patches include new content, fixes, and optimizations to the game.

Riot Games’ League of Legends is a 5v5 Real-Time Multiplayer Online Battle Arena praised for its intricate gameplay and mechanics. Moreover, the game has the ability to run on even the oldest of PCs, which have further increased its popularity over time. League is completely free to play. With Developers now having a dedicated update schedule for it, the game is only expected to be going up in popularity as we move forward.

league of legends patch schedule

League of Legends 2021 Patch Schedule

Riot Games’ have promised many new skins for iconic champions coming out in 2021 for League of Legends. Moreover, Dev Notes have indicated that about 140 new Skins and about a dozen or so Champions will be releasing this year.

These patch notes are going to be releasing from the 6th of January to the 8th of December. The dates can be subject to change at any particular point. However, Riot is known to be quite punctual, so you should not be expecting any major changes.

11.1Wednesday, Jan. 6
11.2Thursday, Jan. 21
11.3Wednesday, Feb. 3
11.4Thursday, Feb. 18
11.5Wednesday, March 3
11.6Wednesday, March 17
11.7Wednesday, March 31
11.8Wednesday, April 14
11.9Wednesday, April 28
11.10Wednesday, May 12
11.11Wednesday, May 26
11.12Wednesday, June 9
11.13Wednesday. June 23
11.14Thursday, July 8
11.15Wednesday, July 21
11.16Wednesday, Aug. 18
11.17Wednesday, Sept. 1
11.8Wednesday, Sept. 15
11.19Wednesday. Sept. 29
11.20Wednesday, Oct. 13
11.21Wednesday, Oct. 27
11.22Wednesday, Nov. 10
11.23Thursday, Nov. 23
11.24Wednesday, Dec. 8

We will be updating this table with updated links to all League of Legends being released in 2021. So, keep a lookout for that! Do note that patches might vary in size and significance. So, do not expect every patch to be jam-packed with fights.

This concludes everything you need to know about the League of Legends patch schedule for 2021 along with the release dates. We will keep updating this guide as more patches are released.

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