Lego: Star Wars Known Issues, Bugs and Workarounds

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Lego: Star Wars The Skywalker Saga just released and players are extremely excited to play it. As with other Lego games, it is well optimized. However, there are still some bugs here and there in the game. With that said, we’ve included the full list of Lego: Star Wars known issues, bugs, and their known workarounds for you.

As of yet, there seem to be no fixes for these particular issues from the developers themselves. However, as you’ll be able to see down below, some workarounds have already been released by keen fans. If you want to find them out yourself, take a look at the known bugs and issues for Lego: Star Wars down below.

Lego: Star Wars Bugs, Known Issues, Workarounds

Here is a list of all the Lego: Star Wars known issues and bugs, revealed by the player community, as of updated on April 5, 2022. If you are facing an issue other than the following ones, please let us know in the comments down below and we’re going to it:

Crash At Launch

While the game is well optimized, there are still some issues that plague the game. Namely, the crash at launch issue. Unfortunately, some players are facing an issue where the game immediately crashes when you start it. For now, the only fix for it seems to be to check the game files if it is launching at your screen’s native resolution or not. You can also check to see if you meet the system requirements and update your graphics drivers as well.

Alternatively, you can also read through our list of tips to fix the crash at launch issue with the game.

Can’t Download the Game

Many players are reporting that they cannot download the game despite it being the release day. As of the time of writing, you will have to wait for at least 2 more hours or till 10 AM (pt) for the download to unlock. If you are still having trouble downloading the game after the official release time, make sure to contact the devs to let them know about it.

No Ultrawide Support

Unfortunately, Lego: Star Wars does not support ultrawide monitors. Most players that have ultrawide monitors want to play the game on them to fully immerse into them. However, for now, Lego: Star Wars does not support it. We will try to find a fix for this but as of now, the developers have not said anything about it. Hopefully, they add support for ultrawide screens soon.

No DLSS Support

While the overall requirements are quite low, players still feel that DLSS support for NVIDIA graphics cards would be good. Since often players want to play this on 4K resolution, the framerate is naturally going to be lower. This is where DLSS comes in. However, as of now, the developers have not mentioned if they will be adding this support or not.

Lego: Star Wars is now out for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, Windows, and Mac. If you want to learn more about game news and patch notes, make sure to check out our Patch Notes section.

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  1. Nikki_boagreis Avatar

    Haven’t experienced any bugs or glitchs, not yet anyhow. The game pre-loaded Sunday and unlocked at midnight as scheduled. Only somewhat issue i have is oftentimes the characters don’t always move in the direction i make them, i guess kinda like a temporary lag. They move in the desired direction, but not always as soon as i make them.

  2. When i play the darth sidious boss fight on my switch when i dodge his huge lightning attack it just freezes and i cant do anything to fix it

  3. Not sure where you got this info. Ultrawide (21:9) and Super Ultrawide (32:9) were supported day one without the patch. I’ve had zero issues.

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