Lost Ark Azure Wind Island Walkthrough

Some islands in Lost Ark are larger than others and offer more content. Azure Wind Island is one of the largest islands in the game, offering a lot of quests, materials, and rewards for the players to uncover.

This Lost Ark Walkthrough will cover the Azure Wind Island in detail and help you complete everything on the island, including the main and hidden quests, island token, and Mokoko Seeds as well.

Lost Ark Azure Wind Island Location

Venture deep into the Great Sea region of Lost Ark to find the Azure Wind Island, towards the far east side of the map. The Gesbroy Island is also close to the Azure Wind Island.

Lost Ark Azure Wind Island Walkthrough

This is one of the largest islands in Lost Ark, where you can even use your mount to travel around.

How to Get Azure Wind Island Token?

The Azure Wind Island Token requires you to complete a lot of prerequisite quests and hidden objectives, and it can be quite tedious without proper help. But we’ll help you get through all of that as swiftly as possible.

First, you need to complete the following quests in the given order to unlock the hidden quests.

  • Dying Horse
  • The Mane of the Azure Wind
  • Once Filled with Flowers
  • The Meadow Fairy

Once you are done with the prerequisite quests, some additional quests will unlock for you.

Azure Wind Island Main Quests

There are 4 main quests on Azure Wind Island, and they have been mentioned above.

Lost Ark Azure Wind Island Walkthrough

Dying Horse

You need to talk to Sanar, and she will tell you that she is worried about her horse as it was poisoned. You need to help her in saving her horse by checking different places, talking to NPCs, and collecting materials.

Just keep following the marker as it takes you to different locations across the Azure Wind Island. Once you interact with the Meadowkeeper’s Altar, the quest will end, netting you the following materials:

  • Silver (960)
  • Roster XP (35)
  • Splendid Guardian Stone Chest (3)
  • Splendid Destruction Stone Chest (2)

The Mane of the Azure Wind

This next quest will continue right where the previous quest ended, and now, you need to call different Meadowkeepers until Meadowkeeper Archon arrives and starts praying.

Once he is done praying, talk to all the NPC’s marked on your screen, and then you can use the Cloud Steed to travel around. This quest rewards you with the following items:

  • Mount: Cloud Steed
  • Roster XP (35)
  • Splendid Guardian Stone Chest (3)
  • Silver (960)
  • Splendid Destruction Stone Chest (2)

Once Filled with Flowers

A very short quest you can start by talking to Manarim on Azure Wind Island. All you have to do is talk to 2 NPCs, and once you are done talking to them, the quest will conclude, netting you the following mats:

  • Silver (960)
  • Roster XP (35)
  • Splendid Destruction Stone Chest (2)
  • Splendid Guardian Stone Chest (3)

The Meadow Fairy

The last main quest on Azure Wind Island requires you to travel to different locations on the island, collect flowers, and then talk to a Meadowkeeper at the end to finish the quest and receive your rewards.

  • Silver (960)
  • Splendid Guardian Stone Chest (3)
  • Roster XP ( 35)
  • Splendid Destruction Stone Chest (2)

Azure Wind Island Additional Quests

After you complete those straightforward quests, additional activities will unlock for you across the entire island, where you need to find wooden horses, interact with them and start these activities.

The different activities you’ll have to complete are color-coded and marked in the image below:

Lost Ark Azure Wind Island Walkthrough

Emotes / Songs [Green]

Certain wooden horses will require you to play some emote or songs. The exact song or emote required by each horse has been listed below with numbers. You can also check the image above for their location.

  1. Greet Emote
  2. Serenade of Love
  3. Laugh and Giggle Emotes
  4. Song of Valor
  5. Sway Emote
  6. Heart’s Melody

Sprints [Yellow]

Time trial events where you need to travel from point A to point B as fast as you can. Remember that you can use mounts on this island which makes it super easy to complete these Sprint events.

Puzzles [Blue]

You have to reposition objects until they match the pattern or color scheme. It’s very basic and doesn’t really require much explanation.

Riddles [Red]

You’ll be asked simple riddles, and even if you get the answer wrong, you can try again until you pick the right option. The last riddle requires you to find a Meadowkeeper at the marked location.

Once you complete the main quests and these additional wooden horse activities, the Azure Wind Island Token will unlock for you.

Azure Wind Island Mokoko Seeds Locations

There are a total of 5 Mokoko Seeds on Azure Wind Island, and we’ll be pinpointing the locations for each of them to make it easy for you to collect them.

Mokoko Seed #1

The first Mokoko Seed is located in the bottom middle of the island, next to some rocks. The exact location has been marked in the screenshot below

Lost Ark Azure Wind Island Walkthrough

Mokoko Seed #2

Then you need to head upwards just a little until you come across a stable where a lot of horses are tied. The stable is almost in the middle of the island, and that’s where you’ll find the 2nd Mokoko Seed.

azure mokoko 2

Mokoko Seed #3

Now head to the lower-left corner of the map until you come across some ruins. Go inside the ruins and pick the 3rd Mokoko Seed from the right side.

azure mokoko 3

Mokoko Seed #4

For the next Mokoko Seed, you need to head towards the pond area in the upper section of the island. Go to the middle of the pond, where it’s a bit shallow, and spot the Mokoko Seed.

azure mokoko 4

Mokoko Seed #5

For the 5th and last Mokoko Seed, head to the far-left side of the map until you reach the edge, and then traverse the ruins until you reach the location marked in the image below to pick the last Mokoko Seed.

azure mokoko 5

This covers our detailed walkthrough of the Azure Wind Island in Lost Ark. Visit BRGeeks if you want to check out our other Lost Ark content!

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