Lost Ark Sharpshooter Class Guide: Spells, Attacks, Engravings, Strengths, Weaknesses

If you are searching for a High DPS class in Lost Ark that deals good damage from a distance; then you’ve come to the right place as we will cover the Sharpshooter Class in Lost Ark throughout this guide.

We will be going over the important stuff, such as the best skills and tripods to focus on, what playstyles this class offers, and how well it will perform under certain conditions. Looking for the best class? We have a complete Lost Ark tier list for PvP and PvE.

Lost Ark Sharpshooter Class

The Sharpshooter is one of the advanced classes that fall under the Gunner as they use guns, arrows, and other ranged weapons for their offensive and defensive capabilities. Moreover, it’s an easy class to get into, so this is ideal for beginners as well.

Lost Ark Sharpshooter Class

This guide also aims to help you get a feel for how the class will perform against mobs and bosses, making it easier for you to decide whether you’ll be needing it or not (based on your playstyle). There are a lot of skills, engravings, and tripods to choose from, but that’s exactly what we’ll be simplifying for you.

Sharpshooter – Identity Skills

The Sharpshooter class uses the Silver Hawk as their identity skill, allowing them to summon a silver hawk once the meter is full. When the Hawk Meter is full, you gain access to the following skills:

hawk meter
  • Snipe: Aim and shoot a powerful bullet at the enemy, dealing 123994 damage to them. (This damage can be increased to 495930 if you land the bullet on the Perfect Zone)
  • Sharp Shooter: Shoot a Volley of 10 arrows, where each arrow deals 87890 damage.
  • Arrow Wave: A special tornado arrow that inflicts 36977 damage.
  • Charged Shot: Charge and shoot a powerful arrow that deals varying amounts of damage based on how much you charged it, and it also knocks back enemies.

Sharpshooter – Engravings

Now, we will discuss the Engravings (Class-specific abilities and traits) you will be using to maximize the potential of the Sharpshooter Class. You gain access to engravings as you reach higher levels.

sharpshooter engravings

Death Strike: Increases the damage taken for the enemy on whom the Last Rush skill was used. This engraving provides you with a window to deal massive burst damage, which can be extremely useful against bosses and other tanky enemies. You also gain 50% of your Hawk meter whenever you use this engraving. Try to focus on Crit and Specialization when gearing up for Death Strike.

sharpshooter engravings 2

Loyal Companion:  This engraving lets you use Silver Hawk with various buffs, including improved move speed, boosted damage, wider AOE coverage, and longer summon duration. You can mark targets for the Silver Hawk to increase the damage it inflicts on those targets.

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Sharpshooter – Best Skills and Tripods

Most Sharpshooter skills are based on different types of arrows and the number of arrows you can shoot at a single or group of enemies. These skills can be individually customized with Tripods to increase their effectiveness and tweak them according to your playstyle.

Rapid Shot

Shoot 3 arrows in quick succession to deal increased damage with each arrow.


  • Amplified Damage
  • Double Shot
  • Final Strike

Arrow Shower

Shoots a barrage of arrows in the sky that deal around 714 damage in the targeted area for 2 seconds.


  • Swift Fingers
  • Sustain Enhancement
  • Piercing Arrow

Moving Slash

Dash 8 meters forward and slash any target that is caught within your radius, dealing 1111 damage. Backstabbing with this attack deals even more damage, and is recommended to use this skill.


  • Excellent Mobility
  • Silver Master
  • Strengthening

Blade Storm

This skill allows you to spin and throw 6 blades that deal 518 damage, followed by 3 blades that deal 464 damage. This skill also causes stagger.


  • Silver Master
  • Lightning Blade
  • Blade Dance

Claymore Mine

Allows you to do explosive damage to a target by setting up a mine. Once triggered, the mine deals 2406 damage and knocks enemies as well. This skill also causes mid-level stagger.


  • Weapon Destruction
  • Mounting Flames
  • Storm Surge

Charged Shot

Charge an arrow and deal damage based on how much you charged it. The arrow can deal 1749 damage when charged till stage 1, 2337 damage when fully charged, and 5846 damage when overcharged. You can also knock back enemies if you charge the arrow beyond stage 1.


  • Quick Prep
  • Double Shot
  • Fast Fire

Sharp Shooter

Shoot 10 arrows horizontally, with each arrow inflicting 1536 damage. Only 3 arrows can hit a single target at once.


  • Focus Shot
  • Vital Point Hit
  • Weak Point Detection


This skill allows you to absolutely destroy bosses and heavy enemies by firing a single powerful arrow that inflicts 2176 damage upon impact and can deal 8696 damage if you hit it in the perfect zone.


  • Quick Prep
  • Weak Point Detection
  • Easy Prey

Evasive Fire

Let’s you spin backward 7 meters in the air and shoot arrows in a cone-shaped trajectory, dealing 1731 damage.


  • Excellent Mobility
  • Heavy Arrow
  • Strategic Evasion

Electric Nova

Shoot an electrically charged arrow that inflicts 1388 damage if it directly hits the enemy. This arrow can also electrocute the enemy based on how close they are to the arrow’s point of impact.


  • Ranged Shot
  • Electric Impact
  • Lightning Rod

Sharpshooter – Additional Tips

Now that we’ve mentioned all of the essential skills and engravings required to make the Sharpshooter class let’s look at some additional tips to help you get used to this class as quickly as possible.

Lost Ark Sharpshooter Class

Get used to the Trajectory

The first order of business is getting used to the Trajectory of all of your arrow-based skills since they are a massive part of your character. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of it, and then the results will be even more impressive.

Take Advantage of Your Ranged Skills

Your arsenal has some really potent ranged skills and attacks as a Sharpshooter. Use them to stay out of harm’s way and deal a lot of damage to mobs and bosses.

Summoning Silver Hawk

Make a habit of spamming the Siler Hawk as much as you can since the skill rotation he brings to the table can be quite useful when dealing with a lot of enemy mobs.

That sums up our Lost Ark Sharpshooter class guide. You can explore our website more and check out our tier list for the Best PvP and PvE classes in Lost Ark.

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