How to Complete the Stone of Power Quest in Lost Ark

How to Complete the Stone of Power Quest in Lost Ark

You’ll come across the Stone of Power Quest while visiting the Serenity Isle in Lost Ark. We’ll help you complete the quest as swiftly as possible without running into any problems through this guide.

Lost Ark is a massive role-playing game where you have the liberty of exploring a gigantic world, completing quests, slaying dangerous bosses, and living out all of your RPG fantasies. Some of the quests you’ll engage in might be a bit confusing, but that’s what we are here for.

How to Start the Stone of Power Quest in Lost Ark?

There are 100 islands in Lost Ark, and each island has NPCs to talk to, questlines to complete, and bosses to farm. Sometimes it becomes tedious to track which quest starts where but we’ll be making that process simpler for you by pinpointing the exact location of the Stone of Power Quest in Lost Ark.

To Start the Stone of Power Quest, you need to travel to the Serenity Isle, located in the upper-middle area of the Platina Ocean.

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Once you reach the island, you need to go and talk to the Legendary Blacksmith and find out that he needs certain materials to craft a Powerful Stone. The quest requires you to collect the following items:

  • 4th Claw of Thanatos
  • Pebbling’s Stone Fragments
  • Pieces of Shadowfallen Giant Locarok (15 total)

To gather all of these items, you’ll be tasked to visit the following locations:

  • Tortoyk’s Heart
  • Yudia’s Morai Ruins

Collect the 4th Claw of Thanatos from the Morai Ruins

First, we’ll take you to the Morai Ruins located in the Saland Hill area of the Yudia Continent. Once you teleport there, enter the ruins, and you’ll face Thanatos.

Stone of Power Image 2

Thanatos will have a barrier around him, and you’ll have to hit it with the Light Reflection until the bar fills up and the barrier breaks. After that, you’ll gain a brief window in which your attacks will deal damage.

Keep hitting him with Light Reflections to break his barrier and then deal damage. Once you kill him, he will drop the 4th Claw of Thanatos. Collect it and move on to the next step of the quest.

Visit the Tortoyk’s Heart Dungeon

Our next stop will be the Tortoyk’s Heart dungeon in the Forest of Giants area on the Tortoyk continent. Here is a map image, marking the exact spot for your convenience:

Stone of Power Image 3

Once you teleport inside the dungeon, you’ll have to venture through it and defeat all of the enemies till the very end to gather all of the required items for the Stone of Power quest.

Collect Pieces of Shadowfallen Giant Locarok & Pebbling’s Stone Fragments

As you go deeper into the dungeon, you’ll encounter Shadowfallen Giant Locarok enemies. Slay them all and collect the pieces they drop until you collect all 15.

Keep exploring deeper into the dungeon until you come across the next enemy type; Pebblings. Defeat enough of them until the objective is completed, and then head back to talk to the Legendary Blacksmith on Serenity Isle.

Quest Rewards

Once you go back and talk to the Legendary Blacksmith on Serenity Isle, the quest will conclude, rewarding you with the following items:

  • Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chests
  • Lavish Destruction Stone Fragment Chests
  • Skill Point Potion

And that’s how you can complete the Stone of Power Quest in Lost Ark. Keep visiting BRGeeks to stay up to date with the latest Lost Ark content, including Tier Lists and Quest Guides.

If you have any thoughts about this guide or any valuable suggestions, leave them in the comments below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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