How to Unlock and Use Dyes in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a mammoth of a game that is chalk full of content at every corner. The game is rich with secret mechanics that a lot of players might not even be aware of, for example, did you know you can actually change the color and look of your character’s skin or armor at a vendor in the game? Because you can! And, it is quite easy to do so! You might also want to check out our detailed look at the best classes tier list.

Dyeing in Lost Ark is actually quite simple to grasp, all you need is a special item called a dyeing reagent that lets you customize the look of you avatar, Here’s an easy to follow guide in order to understand skin modding in Lost Ark.

How to Get Reagents in Lost Ark?

Before you get into skin or armor customization in Lost Ark, you’re going to need certain dyeing reagents in order to actually change your look. Unfortunately, as of now there’s no way to get skin reagents in the game aside from login bonuses and spending real money through in-game transactions.

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The game rewards you with 30 of them after your 4th or 6th consecutive login, aside from that there’s really no other way to consistently getting reagents in this game. On top of that, the fact that the cost for customizing skins in this game is expensive only compounds this issue even further.

But How Do I Actually Dye My Skins?

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Before getting into customization, it is important to know that only certain skins in Lost Ark can be dyed. Dyeable skins include almost any piece of skin or armor you can get from the in-game shop. Armors or skins that cannot be dyed display a “Cannot be dyed” in their description.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, in order to customize your skins, first you have to find a Skin Modding NPC in any of the major towns present in the game. Upon talking to them, select any piece of armor that you want to dye or customize. For changing the color, you’re going to need 10x Magick Society Reagent, for patterns you’re going to need 10x Pattern Reagent and for customizing the shine of your armor you’re going to need 10x shine reagent.

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Keep in mind that for each layer you want to dye of each individual armor piece is going to cost 10x reagent and the higher you want to increase the shine of your armor, the more expensive the shine reagent requirement becomes.

While the skin customization system in Lost Ark isn’t that good, its an option for dedicated players and fans to give their characters more freedom of customizing their personality.

We hope you found this guide helpful! Feel free to check out more of our Lost Ark guides!

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