Lost Ark Serenity Isle Walkthrough

Lost Ark is brimming with content to uncover and places to discover, and Serenity Isle is one such place that we will be covering in this Lost Ark walkthrough. We’ll tell you how to get to the Serenity Isle, get the Island Token, complete the quests, and collect all the Mokoko Seeds.

Lost Ark Serenity Isle Location

You can find the Serenity Isle in Lost Ark by visiting the Plantina Ocean and going towards the middle of this ocean. This island is located just above Wisdom Island.

Lost Ark Serenity Isle Walkthrough

The main questline takes about 30mins to complete, and the item level for this island is 250 (T1).

How to Get the Serenity Isle Token?

Island Tokens often require you to complete certain objectives, form rapport levels with a unique NPC, or complete a number of quests. For the Serenity Isle Token, you are required to complete the main questline on the island.

These quests are very easy to follow and complete, and we’ll be discussing them in detail below.

Serenity Isle Quests

Serenity Isle has 3 main quests for you to complete, and they are listed below, along with the rewards you’ll get for completing them. You will also get the island token after completing all of these quests.

Who’s There?!

It’s a straightforward quest where you need to investigate some piled materials and then talk to an NPC; Fallen Umar. Once you are done with all the objectives, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • Silver (133)
  • Kindness (1)
  • Lavish Destruction Stone Fragment Chest (1)
  • Roster XP (130)
  • Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest (5)

A Sad History

You need to talk to the Legendary Blacksmith to start this quest, and all you have to do is collect Silver Gems and Birch Timber. Once you’ve collected all of them, the quest will conclude, and you will be awarded the following mats:

  • Roster XP (320)
  • Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest (11)
  • Silver (121)
  • Lavish Destruction Stone Fragment Chest (3)
  • Courage (2)

The Stone of Power

Talk to the Legendary Blacksmith on Serenity Isle to start this quest. You need to complete 2 dungeons;

  • Morai Ruins located in the Saland Hills
  • Tortoyk’s Heart located in the Forest of Giants

While doing these dungeons, you need to collect Pebbling’s stone fragments and the 4th Claw of Thanos. Both of these items can be eventually acquired if you simply complete both the dungeons.

The rewards for completing the Stone of Power quest are given below:

  • Lavish Destruction Stone Fragment Chest (3)
  • Silver (121)
  • Skill Point Potion (1)
  • Roster XP (320)
  • Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest (12)

You’ll also get the Serenity Isle Token once you complete this final quest in the island questline chain.

Lost Ark Serenity Isle Mokoko Seeds Locations

There are only 2 Mokoko Seeds on the Serenity Isle, and their locations are given below.

Mokoko Seed #1

The first Mokoko Seed is located on the top left corner of the island, on the beach’s edge. Its exact location has been pointed out in the image below.

Lost Ark Serenity Isle Walkthrough

Mokoko Seed #2

The second and final Mokoko Seed is located in the island’s center. You will have to climb some vines and reach a hidden spot to get to it.

serenity isle mokoko 2

This concludes our walkthrough of the Serenity Isle in Lost Ark. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve these walkthroughs or whether we’ve missed something, let us know in the comments below!

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