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It wasn’t long ago when Truly defeated Team Fierce in the finals of season 2 of Mobile Mayhem. We are back again with the North American tournament featuring some of the best teams of the region. It’s the most competitive tournament of NA, whose season 3 has begun.

Here you’ll find all the details of Mobile Mayhem Season 3 regarding format, participant teams, prize money and award titles.

Tournament Format

The tournament is going to feature a league stage between 10 teams divided into two groups of 5 in division A and B respectively. The league matches will be a Best-of-3 series with 10 point awarded if a team wins 2-1 and 20 if they win 2-0.

The top 3 teams from both divisions will compete in the playoffs. The no.1 placed team from Div A and Div B will automatically qualify for the semifinals. Whereas, the remaining 4 will play the quarters first, in order to reach the semis.

The semifinals will be a Bo5 and the final will be a Bo7 series.

Character Skins and Molotov Ban

In season 1 and 2 of Mobile Mayhem, the character skins with small hitboxes were banned. And since the season 2 begun after Molotov became a lethal, they were banned as well to avoid Molotov galore all around the map.

However, in season 3 of Mobile Mayhem, both of these bans have been lifted. You can use any character skins you like and can also use Molotov Cocktails to burn your enemies.

Mobile Mayhem: North America Season 3 Logo
Mobile Mayhem Logo

Participant Teams

The teams are divided in two divisions. All the teams of each division are mentioned below.

Division A

  • Hammers Esports NA
  • Team Fierce
  • Tribe Gaming
  • Nova Esports
  • Status Quo

Division B

  • Exiled
  • Infinex Gaming
  • Nova Emperium
  • Truly
  • Violence

Winning Prize

Well, the prize money to be distributed among the teams is according to the following criteria

  • 1st Place: 600 USD
  • 2nd Place: 200 USD
  • 3rd Place: 100 USD

Award Titles

Just like every season, there will be three award titles for the players to try and get.

  • MVP (30 USD)
  • Rookie of the Season (30 USD)
  • Marksman (20 USD)

The season 3 of Mobile Mayhem is going to be the best of the three seasons. The teams now are better than ever as they look to take the prize money home.

It’ll be broadcasted live by BobbyPlays on Trovo and Youtube channels.

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