When does MUT Weekly Objectives Reset in Madden NFL 22?

MUT or Madden Ultimate Team has been a staple part of the franchise and it seems to be no different in Madden NFL 22. With challenges ranging from Wild Card Wednesday, Team of the Week, and Solo Battles, knowing when these objectives reset can help you plan your daily matches in a better way.

As of yet, while EA has not provided players with an official source as to when all these challenges reset, they do follow a strict pattern which has helped us identify the particular times at which these challenges reset, you can find out when weekly objectives reset in Madden 22 Ultimate Team (MUT 22) down below.

MUT 22 Weekly Objectives Reset Time

As mentioned above, these times are preliminary and can be off by about an hour or so depending on the developers. However, as of November 2021, these have not changed since the game’s release.

  • Wild Card Wednesday (WCW): 10:30 AM ET on Wednesday
  • Team of the Week (TOTW): 2 PM ET on Tuesday
  • Solo Battles: 10:30 AM ET on Monday

The reset timings for NFL 22 MUT Weekly Objectives are the same for all platforms and regions.

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Note: Server downtime / major maintenance periods have reportedly led to Weekly Challenges being extended. But, the developers tend to not provide a lot of information on why or when that may happen.

If any of these timings are changed, we’ll be updating this post. However, as of yet, there seem to be no major changes in line for the foreseeable future.

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