MXGP 2021 Trophy List (All Achievements)

MXGP 2021 is an extremely fun game that has a bunch of trophies – both easy and difficult. Some of these trophies can be unlocked automatically when playing the game while others will require a lot of time and effort. This guide will show you the MXGP 2021 trophy list and show you how to unlock them.

If you are a trophy hunter, you’ll want to go through this list so you know how to get that Platinum trophy. Keep in mind that some of these trophies will require a lot of effort on your part while some of them are extremely easy to unlock. With that said, let’s dive right into the MXGP 2021 trophy list.

MXGP 2021 Trophy / Achievements List

With the file size of the game recently revealed, fans are super excited to know more about the game. Here’s a list of all the Trophies currently announced for MXGP 2021. These are divided into Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers for your convenience.

Bronze Trophies

Trophy Name Description
Lucky in the rainFinish first in a race with the weather set to Rain in any game mode
DuelerComplete a Career Challenge
No more training wheelsComplete a lap without falling on any track and in any game mode
Holeshot MasterGet 10 Holeshots in any game mode
A feast of pointsGet a Holeshot and finish first in the same race
A profile to envyReach Prestige level 50
Master of the weekendReach the first position in all sessions in a race set to a Full weekend
Face to faceWin 3 Duels
Turkey MX raceWin a Grand Prix at Afyonkarahisar in any game mode
PortuCrossWin a Grand Prix at Legacy – Agueda in any game mode

Motocross between Gatos
Win a Grand Prix at Intu Xanadù – Arroyomolinos in any game mode
Slow motion maniacsStart replay at the end of a race in any game mode
MX Art NouveauWin a Grand Prix at Kegums in any game mode
MX riding through bulwarksWin a Grand Prix at Loket in any game mode
The center of Belgium MXWin a Grand Prix at Lommel in any game mode
Pizza, sunshine and MXWin a Grand Prix at Maggiora in any game mode
Afternoon MX partyWin a Grand Prix at Matterley Basin in any game mode
Attacking Dutch windmillsWin a Grand Prix at Oss in any game mode
MX racing through the AlpsWin a Grand Prix at Pietramurata in any game mode
Capture the momentAccess Photo Mode for the first time in any game mode
Pretzels, beer and MXWin a Grand Prix at Teutschenthal in any game mode
MX and peaceWin a Grand Prix at Orlyonok in any game mode
MotoCrossantWin a Grand Prix at Legacy – Ernée in any game mode
MotoCrossillasWin a Grand Prix at Legacy – León in any game mode
University of MotocrossWin a Grand Prix at Legacy – Ottobiano in any game mode
Nothing venturedComplete a race without using Rewind
Is that all?Win a race with AI Difficulty level set to Realistic
That’s the way you do it!Win a race without falling and without using Rewind
Do it yourselfCreate and share a track with the Track Editor
Anyone have some money?Get a total of 100,000 MX Credits
A MX rider at SnowdoniaCover 15 Km – 6.21 mi in Free Roaming in the Playground
Advanced ridingWin a race with physics level set to Advanced
My sweetheart!Purchase any bike for the first time

On the way to the points
Complete a Waypoint race
Tourist ridingCreate and share a Waypoint track
Clean lapComplete a valid lap in Time Attack
Time to fly!Perform a Scrub in any game mode
Not a bad profileReach Prestige level 25
Set upSave your bike’s setup for the first time
Shopping feverMake a purchase on the Rider Customization page for the first time
Time paradoxesUse Rewind for the first time in any game mode
The glove of challengeAccept the invitation to a Duel

Silver Trophies

Trophy Name Description
Who dares to challenge me?Complete all Career Challenges
Dust and sweatComplete a race with race length set to Realistic
GreedGet a total of 200,000 MX Credits
Like a dragonCover 30 km – 18.64 mi in Free Roaming in the Playground
A pro’s profileReach Prestige level 75

Gold Trophies

Trophy Name Description
A fortuneGet a total of 300,000 MX Credits
Success is not for everyoneReach Prestige level 100
Champion!Win an MXGP Championship in Career mode

Platinum Trophy

Trophy NameDescription
Ultimate Motocross RiderUnlock all trophies

That’s all the trophies currently available in MXGP 2021! Stuck on a particular trophy? Shoot a comment down below and we’ll help you out!

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