Myth of Empires PC Controls | Default Keyboard Keybinds

Myth of Empires was recently released and players are loving every minute of it. The MMO is quickly garnering attention from tons of players. Naturally, newer players that are not familiar with the game will have difficulties understanding the control scheme of the game. That is why this guide will show you all the PC keybinds / controls used for Myth of Empires.

The game allows you to change all of the controls but we feel that the default keybinds work pretty well with the game. They are convenient and once you get used to them, you won’t feel the need to change any keybind. With that said, let’s find out the various Myth of Empires controls.

All Myth of Empires PC / Mouse Controls | Default Keybinds

This category will be divided into three parts; Movement, Combat, and Misc. While most of the controls are quite common in MMO games these days, some of them are unique to Myth of Empires. With that said, let’s see which keybind does what function.

Movement Controls

The movement controls are the main controls that allow you to move your character. They include controls that move your character, jump and allow you to sprint as well. Most of these controls are used in the majority of games today so most players will be familiar with them.

WMove Forward
SMove Backward
AStrafe Left
DStrafe Right
Left ShiftSprint
CToggle Crouch
SPACEClimb (Only when you’re near climbable surfaces)

Combat Controls

The combat controls are unique when it comes to games. You have the usual mouse buttons to attack/block but this time around you have to use the Numpad keys to attack in various directions.

Keybind Function
Left Mouse ButtonAttack
Right Mouse ButtonBlock
Numpad 8Attack Up
Numpad 2Attack Downward
Numpad 4Attack Left
Numpad 6Attack Right
Numpad 7Attack From the Up Left
Numpad 9 Attack From the Up Right

Misc. Controls

These controls are where Myth of Empires differentiated from a lot of other games. There are tons of panel keys that are quite important to use. Mastering these keys will allow you to perform extremely well at the macro level.

Keybind Function
Mouse Wheel DownZoom Out
Mouse Wheel UpZoom In
Left ALTTrack Ammo Perspective
VToggle Perspective
CTRL + TOpen Chat/Close Chat
CTRL + RTurn Off/Turn On Info Prompt
POpen Crafting Panel
IOpen Inventory
KOpen Talent Panel
MOpen Map
L Open Quest Panel
YOpen Warrior Panel
GOpen Guild Panel
F1Move Warrior
F2Warrior Formation
F3Attack Method
XCouch Lancing
UCall Horse
CTRL + 1Select All Warriors
CTRL + 2Select Warrior 1
CTRL + 3 Select Warrior 2
CTRL + 4 Select Warrior 3
CTRL + 5 Select Warrior 4
CTRL + 6 Select Warrior 5

These are all of the Myth of Empires controls for the PC. Hopefully, this guide assisted you in getting familiar with all of these default controls. Let us know in the comments below if you find the control scheme to be convenient or confusing. We would love to hear your thoughts about the game so far.

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