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This guide has listed down all the Myth of Empires cheats and console commands that you need to know, and can use within the game. These commands can help you play tricks within a multiplayer session, which could be fun when playing with a closed group of friends.

For those who do not know, Myth of Empires is an immersive online sandbox game taking place after the fall of an empire, with a unique focus on survival, fortress construction and other objectives. We have compiled a list of some of the best cheats that you can run through the console commands.

Myth of Empires Console Commands / Cheat Codes

The following list of cheats can be activated by pressing the ~ key (tilde) on your keyboard. This will open up the game console where you can enter the cheat commands from the list given below.

  • Cheat God – Enables/Disables God Mode
  • Cheat fly – Allows flying as admin.
  • Cheat walk – Disable flying.
  • Cheat Say <Text> – Works but doesn’t display anything in-game, only logs
  • Cheat SaveWorld – Saves the Server
  • Cheat Ghost – No Clip
  • Cheat GetPlayers – Works but doesn’t display output
  • Cheat SpawnNPCByIndex [ID_Integer] [Distance] [Level] [amount]

Here are the IDs corresponding to the NPC that you want to spawn:

1 – Wolf

2 – Bear 1

3 – Deer 1

4 – Deer 2

5 – Rabbit

6 – Deer 3

7 – Deer 4

8 – Fawn

9 – Tiger

10 – Rhino

11 – Boar

12 – Alpha Bear

13 – Crocodile

14 – ?

15 – Panther

16 – Bear 2

17 – Bear 3

18 – Boar 2

19 – Deer 5

20 – Deer 6

One more thing to note here is that these cheats / commands will only work in the console if you are an admin within the game.

If you’d like to read through more of the game news, patch notes and guides, check out our Myth of Empires section.

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